Wrap Up Your Summer with Sensual Indulgence

This week’s [retail bytes] invites you to indulge your senses with Kendall Jenner’s secret sights and some Somerset scents. The end of summer is all about discovery, in both tech and sensations alike.

Kendall’s secrets in 360Kendall Jenner has a walk-in wardrobe to which only Google Daydream’s 360 technology can do justice. Vogue invited its readers to peek into not just one, but two, of Kendall’s giant fashion caves, with the top model providing commentary on her most memorable outfits from various fashion events. Google is making a serious play for the VR market and its Daydream VR platform is clearly one that’s catching the eye of celebrities and developers alike. Promising.

Pinch this PinA picture is worth a thousand words but a zoomed-in picture is worth even more. At last, Pinterest is introducing a pinch-to-zoom function to allow users to get a better look at the details of its posts. Another new feature allows you to select an object within a Pin and search for similar items. You can even access this visual search tool without an account (if you’re a Google Chrome user, that is). Pinterest is quietly becoming a contender for advertising money, and is doing so without stealing innovative features from its competitors (yes Facebook, we are looking at you). Good luck, Pinterest team!

Front Row sensation: Fashion shows have become a bit of a nightmare lately with journalists and celebs in the front row crowding the view trying to capture every single garment on their mobiles. But now they can catch everything on their own livestreaming or hyper-recording camera in the shape of a pendant. Compact and light, with a two-hour battery life and good storage, this livestream-dedicated piece of kit may have just saved the catwalks! It’s also good for sales assistants as the footage, downloaded in real time to cloud storage, can be used for future training or as evidence in cases of customer disputes. Handy.

Amazon face off with the high street: July 11th was Amazon’s Prime Day, with the eponymous Internet shopping brand clocking a 60% increase on last year’s sales. Electronics and white goods were the most-sold products but, due to poor curation and an insistence on shooting its own photography, Amazon Fashion is yet to pose a serious challenge to Misguided and Asos. The good news for the high street is that Amazon is not the be all and end all, as notebook and stationary shops like Moleskine, Smiggle and the German shoe brand Deichman continue to open hundreds of new stores.

Shops fight back: From Westfield to Kingfisher, retailers are introducing electronic price labels, which allow the price of an item on the shelf to be changed at a touch of the button. Timing is everything and responding to Amazon’s price promotions will be instantly easier with this dynamic price publishing option for brick-and-mortar shops. Marketing departments can allocate price ranges that local store managers can pick and choose from, giving local shoppers a competitive offer in real time. It’s about time!

An Unmissable Sensory Event: Smell is one of the senses that an online experience simply can’t replicate, with digital fragrances still something reserved for sci-fi books. Now, high street and brick-and-mortar galleries can fight back by offering people an enchanting adventure into the realm of olfactory senses that being online fails to satisfy. Visit Somerset House to explore Perfume Pioneers and learn the sensual secrets of professional perfumers, hear about perfume’s hidden history and try your hand at blending your own delicious scent. Running until September 23rd.