UK High Street review

Bill Grimsey review 3

Summer 2013

The challenge

A team of business leaders, frustrated by the lack of progress in creating a new UK High Street strategy, presented an alternative high street review to the government. The team needed digital vision and expertise so Eva Pascoe, our lead at Retail Practice Futures, joined Bill Grimsey and his team. Our challenge was to:

  • Show that the future isn’t the ‘high street or the internet’ but the ‘high street and the internet’
  • Share our vision of a connected high street


What we did

  • Produced a retail safari report on the market town of Bicester – typical in its mix of stores, some struggling and some thriving. The town is impacted by both channel shift and the large out-of-town Bicester Village development
  • Spoke to independents, multiples, property agents, the Chambers of Commerce and, of course, shoppers
  • The Bicester insights shaped our thinking into the main review, where we advised on the impact and opportunities of the internet


The result

  • Bicester-specific report
  • Social campaigns to lobby MPs
  • Presentation to MPs and media at the House of Commons
  • Government change of policy on business rates
  • The future of the high street back at the centre of government policy


And this is just the beginning. Follow Eva Pascoe and The Retail Practice for updates on the connected high street.