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One of our greatest assets is a culture of continuous learning, which benefits ourselves and our clients. We work with like-minded people who embrace our values of Open & Straight-forward, Optimistic & Ambitious and Innovative & Creative.

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Sean Murray

My journey to launch The Retail Practice has come via H&M, The Arcadia Group and Tesco. I believe that the way we work is as important as what we do and we’re driven by our values of openness, optimism, creativity, ambition, resilience and simplicity.

Eva Pascoe

Digital and Strategy Director
I have pioneered e-payments, e-commerce fashion solutions and technology. Founding the world’s first internet cafe Cyberia, in 1994, has been at the core of my achievements. I can assure you there is more to come – watch this space!

Jon Bennett

Fashion Director
I’m a full-time fashion enthusiast and a part-time lecturer at the University of Westminster. Fashion retail has been my cup of tea since 1988 and my enthusiasm hasn’t seen a change of tack. I’ve been leading the Global Buying and Sourcing Operation at The Arcadia Group and I connect the dots at The Retail Practice.

Azem William

Senior Designer
I am one of the lucky ones. Doing what I love – every day. And with the constant evolution of the way people communicate and interact, I can’t think of a more exciting time to be here, doing this. I am thrilled to work with and learn from some of the smartest thinkers in the business at The Retail Practice.

Mel Brocklebank

People Development Consultant
I help global teams to discover and develop their talent. As a learning and development specialist, I’m at my best when the people I work with are at theirs. I absolutely believe that coaching can make all the difference, as it allows people to realise they can achieve so much more. My role is to help the people I work with to be the very best they can be.

Will Murray-Phillips

Head of Retail Operations

I am a retail leader with a passion for improving the customer’s experience. I help under-performing retailers to build customer loyalty, through more engaged staff, leading to improved KPIs.
Having learnt from a US-based global leader how to deliver the strategy for a ‘cause’-driven start-up, the one consistent non-negotiable is the customerwho is at the heart of all we do..


Justin Whitmore

Marketing Operations Specialist
I am a marketing operations specialist and have worked across the retail landscape for over 20 years, delivering campaigns that are true to brand values across all marketing touchpoints.  My experience covers photography and video production, through to graphic design and print production for point of sale, catalogues and outdoor media. Always ready for a challenge and always looking to deliver above and beyond!

Shelly Tweed

Account Manager
My passion for retail started with M&S over 20 years ago, where I was immersed in a world of laces, embroideries, wires shapes and fittings. I quickly fell in love with the complex but exciting area of lingerie. Developing strategies and getting involved in training, marketing and communication makes my heart grow fonder.

Beatrice Meloni

Marketing Coordinator
As an Italian who’s called London home for the past 5 years, I contribute to the TRP team with my background in International Marketing and positive attitude, while keeping busy with our social marketing.

Annelise Sealy

Content Marketing Consultant
My global upbringing (try living in Alaska, Nigeria and Texas!) significantly impacted my international perspective and led to a string of jobs with premium and high-end retailers. Whilst completing my Masters in International Marketing, I’m keeping the social networks under my wing.


Dave Shaw

Senior Account Associate
I started in fashion aged 15 and have since had roles in retail management, operations, marketing and PR.  Having worked with a wide range of retailers including Crombie, Matches Fashion, Moss Bros, Mulberry as well as several start-ups, I take a customer-centric approach and love seeing consumers engage with brands across different touchpoints.

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