The Summer [edit]

Welcome to the Summer [edit]: a bite-sized round-up of our recent work.

Loyalty Products – Beyond Points

Bean Box – subscription service for coffee lovers.

From Bean Box to Uber Rewards and The Body Shop Club to The Nordy Club, we’ve been desk-top researching the world of retail loyalty. The insights have been inspiring and often suprising, not least the realisation of how many loyalty schemes are far more than earn and burn points programmes.

A new breed of subscription-based models has shaken up the world of CRM and one thing is for sure, there’s no cookie cutter approach to loyalty.

Our top tip: Align the benefits to what your audience really wants – not just what’s easy and available.


B2B marketing. It’s the Same but Different

Although reaching your target audience, engaging them and turning that moment into an action is common for all marketing, there are important differences between B2C and B2B marketing. Being in the B2B zone has driven our social marketing work for Twinery – the innovation lab for global apparel manufacturer MAS Holdings

The simplicity of a key word Instagram campaign to share Twinery values on busy timeline feeds.

And the differences we see? Know your audience and what they want, engage with more logic than emotion and hyper target via social paid-for activity.

Our top tip: Remember your audience has a different mindset than consumers. They will be very results and KPI driven!


CSR – Lead or Lead

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability have moved from the margins to the mainstream – and about time too. In 2017 we had a realisation! A realisation that fashion sustainability / CSR was an area where our passion and interest could help retail and fashion brands develop their sustainability strategy and communication. In a complex area, where binary choices of good and bad are rare, we’re now helping our clients navigate to a better place via genuine initiatives and incremental change.

We’ve now completed our first sustainability report for a large fashion retailer. You can view the CSR report here

Our top tip: A sustainable business means a business for the long term. Use this belief to influence C level execs that CSR is not just good for the planet but good for business too.


Your Missing Board Room Voice

We continue to help our clients to be truly customer focused. As we explored what the barriers are to a customer first strategy, we realised how rare it still is for meetings to start with the customer – or even for customers to have a board room voice at all. Imagine how different things would be with a sample of your customers around the decision making table?

From regular dashboard reports to customer panels, there are effective tactics to better connect customers with decision makers for all budgets and sizes of business.

Our top tip: Use your products and services yourself – relentlessly.


Three Strands to Great Video

Our video and motion graphics team continued to develop our capability. We see three main strands to create great video content:

Nail your story – however short – and plan via scripting and storyboards.

Have the right equipment. Although great video can be shot on an i-phone, pro level video is still created by having the right camera, sound and lighting.

Invest in post-production time and consider the use of curated or graphical content to create a compelling sequential story.

Here’s a video where the scripting didn’t quite go to plan 😉

Our top tip: Take lots of ‘B roll’ footage!


Until next time!