The May [edit]

This is our May [edit]: a bite-sized round-up of our recent work.

What did we learn in May? Here are our top tips

As communication and engagement specialists, we want to inspire you by sharing projects from our six areas of expertise: Insight & Strategy, Digital & Social Marketing, Copy & Content, Employee Engagement, Video & Motion Graphics, and Design & Branding.

Each expertise is aligned to our purpose of creating lasting value for our clients and their customers. With collaboration hubs in London, Amsterdam and Milan, our team is immersed in European retail and is continually in touch with the world’s most exciting retail markets.

Ciao London!

Insight & Strategy: For fashion brands, entering a new market is often a necessity for growth. International expansion is now comparatively less of a challenge by opening local facing web shops. The relative ease of opening outside of a home market and pressure for growth has seen many brands expand without considered and resourced marketing. We certainly believe in spending wisely but make no mistake, investing in marketing de-risks the expansion plans, opens up opportunity and drives the sales plan.

We are often asked how much needs to be spent and on what. Well, here’s a clue: Start at a double digit % of year one’s sales target. Then create a channel mix right for your brand and the new market – for example less digital in some territories, more digital in others. In May we’ve been busy helping Italy’s Twinset Milano plot their London store openings. More on this in the June [edit].

Top tip: Think like an independent whose only focus is that new market.

In fashion, design is everything

Video & Motion Graphics: In May we started a collaboration with Hunkemöller’s product design team to create trend videos to inspire and inform internal stakeholders. From buyers who need to understand the trends to marketing who create the communication and engagement and from suppliers who make the product to the leadership teams who need the strategic long-sight view. We have to keep these under wraps (you’ll understand), so here’s a trend video example from way back in 2015. You can also meet Zoe Price-Smith – Hunkemöller’s design director here (and see another one of our Video team’s projects).

Top tip: Create like you were creating for a runway show. Wow everyone at the very start of the process

Are you driving customers to de winkel!

Video & Motion Graphics: Our video work for Riviera Maison continued in May with a series of short social videos designed to create engagement, and support the marketing plan. As well as a Mother’s Day promotion, a teaser video was posted to encourage customers to pick-up from physical stores the new interiors special magazine (and for the non-Dutch speakers – de winkel means the shop!). Take a look at our Video & Motion Graphics Vimeo account.

Top tip: Plan a little extra time on the main video shoots to capture B roll’ footage – it can often come in very useful.

Make the most of your words

Copy & Content: Twinset Milano asked us to take their 1300+ Italian AW18 product descriptions and turn them into inspiring English translations that would really engage their customers. Using our native Italian resources and talented copywriters, we ensured that every description wasn’t just a translation but a powerful re-adaptation that highlighted exciting product benefits, occasion of use, and made every single item sound like an absolute must-have – and always with a consideration for discoverability via SEO.

Top tip: Entice your audience with product features benefits and write with enthusiasm – your passion for the product will be contagious!

Social Media Marketing that delivers results

Digital & Social Marketing: Since 2010, TRP have been advocates of the importance of harnessing the power of social media for brands. For nearly a year now we’ve been helping Twinset Milano grow their reach & engagement on Facebook. Successes from May include reaching nearly double the amount of Twinset total followers each week, achieving our best-ever clicks to website, and, as ever, understanding more about what types of content really resonate with the Twinset customer on Facebook (swimwear is a hit!).

Take a look at the Twinset Milano Facebook page

Top tip: Different audiences will be active at different times. To increase your reach, try posting in different moments of the day to understand when your users are mostly online.

Au revoir Shelly!

Our team loves a good excuse to celebrate and at the end of May we all gathered on a sunny (yes, really!) London rooftop to say au-revoir to our Head of Copywriting Shelly. We were all very sad to hear that Shelly was moving on from TRP, but the good news is that she will keep creating engaging copy for our clients as a TRP free-lancer.

Take a look at the vacancies on our jobs page to find out how you can join our team.

Until next time!