The June [edit]

This is our June [edit]: a bite-sized round-up of our recent work.

Retail marketing: why context is everything + our top tips

As communication and engagement specialists, we want to inspire you by sharing projects from our six areas of expertise: Insight & Strategy, Digital & Social Marketing, Copy & Content, Employee Engagement, Video & Motion Graphics, and Design & Branding.

Each expertise is aligned to our purpose of creating lasting value for our clients and their customers. With collaboration hubs in London, Amsterdam and Milan, our team is immersed in European retail and is continually in touch with the world’s most exciting retail markets.

Where are the wearables?

We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Twinery by MAS: although fashion appears to have paused as it assesses how Wearables will influence apparel, the wider invention, re-invention and innovation driven by tech continues at a pace in a whole range of contour/bodywear and soft goods. This is the wider context that takes us beyond smart watches and the key reason we’re excited to be collaborating with Sri Lanka-based global player Twinery on on their communication and engagement with their B2B audience. Thanks to the team at Twinery for this great brief!

Top tip: For B2B influencer marketing adopt a ‘newsroom’ mindset.

Global V. local

The two growth drivers of omni-channel and international expansion often present a marketing challenge of what’s best delivered globally versus locally? Again, context is everything. If a known global brand enters a new market, the communication strategy will be different from an unknown brand and in both scenarios, optimises the ROI by always choosing the best channel mix for each market. Our work with Italy’s Twinset Milano continues and now includes their UK launch communication and engagement strategy.

Top tip: Start from a channel neutral position i.e. don’t have a bias towards any channel(s) and create a channel mix best for the brand, market and objectives.

Does your team understand the strategy?

We believe in a strategy first approach. We also believe to turn a strategy into a reality, everyone in the business needs to be engaged and aligned. The power of a shared purpose, direction and goals can be the difference between success and failure. Our ongoing strategic communication work with global lingerie brand Hunkemöller covers a range of materials from detailed investor level documents to inspirational videos aimed at a wide and varied audience including store teams, partners, suppliers, franchisees, wholesale customers and the business press. For context, think about each audience and what they need to know.

Top tip: Share the passion, purpose and performance goals.

Insight beats hindsight

To be ‘strategy-first’ means being ‘insight-first’. In June, we were delighted to help Europe’s most stylish homeware store understand more about how an insight first approach will deliver more informed decision making. Led by our insight specialist, Julian Watson, we delivered a workshop on how the brand and business could better use insights and data. Ex Kantar, Tesco and McDonalds, Julian’s expertise in identifying actionable insights will continue through 2018 as we build our Insight & Strategy capability.

Top tip: With qualitative insight (e.g. focus groups) ensure you are getting to the real truth.

It’s time to re-shape UK town centres

In June e-commerce pioneer and our omni-channel director, Eva Pascoe, continued to advise the team behind the Grimsey report 2. The report is a second review and set of recommendations, designed to shine a light on the lack of strategic thinking and action on the UK’s beleaguered town centres. Here’s the Grimsey 2 report. And remember, context is everything of course – what’s good in Banbury, may not be good for Bath. Take a look at what the Guardian reported

Top tip: (for town centre retailers) Be truly special, cheap or very easy/convenient.

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