The August [edit]

Welcome to the August [edit]: a bite-sized round-up of our recent work – and our top-tips too!


Innovation is key for apparel growth


NOVA by Twinery – illumination when it’s needed. Our team is creating more awareness and engagement for this global innovation lab.

Digital & Social Marketing:  Twinery is helping apparel and textile brands deliver customer-focused innovation –
essential for ongoing growth and protecting market share.
Our work with  Twinery  is creating social reach and engagement to six key audience groups: Trade journalists and influencers, apparel brands, start-up entrepreneurs, soft goods experts, technologists/inventors and people who work in performance sports.
Our first steps are helping the Twinery team to create their social marketing strategy, secure experienced and US-based resources,
create the planning, processes and tools, develop a visual landscape and tone-of-voice and, not least, deliver the content and social marketing.
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Top tip:  Social strategy first – what are the objectives and how will these be achieved, resourced and measured?



Organic and targeted Facebook content is reaching potential Twinset lovers in and around West London.

Campaigns: Campaigns:  During August our CIAO LONDON! campaign for  Twinset Milano’s  UK debut went live. From big red bus ads to targeted Facebook posts and PR/influencing to trade/B2B engagement, we were ready to hit key calendar dates: AW18 launch, London Fashion Week and two physical store openings.    

Our collaboration with both Twinset Milano and Button Collective has created a 360 campaign designed to create high impact moments in time, a sustained increase in awareness via digital and social channels, and the most important measure of all – conversion.

Top tip: Strategy and tactics in equal measure.


Female-first lingerie marketing

Our communication work with Katherine Hamilton will take a female-first approach – a passion and driver of the brand’s founder.

Design & Branding:  Our first work with specialist lingerie brand Katherine Hamilton began with a focus on establishing its narrative. Working with the founder, we developed the brand’s purpose, mission, values and USPs.
Top tip:  Keep your purpose simple and deliver it daily.


Looking East

As global retail brands expand into China, we are increasingly translating our work into Mandarin, which requires way beyond a copy-and-paste into Google!  From learning and development materials to brand guides, and from e-mails to social content, we continue to grow and learn in the global market.
Top tip:  Natives who are good at copy and understand your brand are essential for the checking stages of retail/fashion translation work.


Insight beats hindsight

Riviera Maison Fall 18 now available – online and throughout Europe.

Insight & Strategy:  Our ‘getting closer to the customer’ work with Riviera Maison has moved into a second phase. The project, led by our insight head, Julian Watson, will:
– Audit the current data sources and insights
– Work across the brand to identify the insight gaps and create a plan to close these
– Make customer-first thinking a cultural behaviour
Top tip:  Get to the truth and identify clear actionable insights.


As communication and engagement specialists, we want to inspire you by sharing projects from our six areas of expertise: Insight & Strategy, Digital & Social Marketing, Copy & Content, Employee Engagement, Video & Motion Graphics, and Design & Branding.

Each area of expertise is aligned to our purpose of creating lasting value for our clients and their customers. With collaboration hubs in London, Amsterdam and Milan, our team is immersed in European retail and is continually in touch with the world’s most exciting retail markets.

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Sean and team.