Sustainable Planet. Sustainable Business

In 2017 we had a realisation! A realisation that fashion sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was an area where our passion and interest could help retail and fashion brands develop their sustainability strategy and communication. In a complex area, where binary choices of good and bad are rare, we’re now helping our clients navigate to a better place via genuine initiatives and incremental change.

Sustainability isn’t just desirable for a successful business, we believe it’s essential and a sustainability strategy can create value for all: customers, employees, investors, suppliers and the wider community. Woke Washing this is not. Your audience will include healthy cynics and any CSR initiatives that lack true belief and authenticity risk a social media shitstorm – and rightly. Here’s a useful read from Unilever boss Alan Jope on the risks of ‘channeling’ social movements and causes.

So how do we help? We see our role as cross-functional, to bring co-ordination, focus and traction, then communicate to customers and stakeholders. In many areas our role is also about end-to-end delivery eg: for customer and / employee engagement and activity. Communication is of course ongoing; the opportunity is how brands can build a cross-functional CSR initiative calendar, deliver these initiatives and then communicate both internally and externally. Make CSR and sustainability a genuine brand USP!

And since 2017? From small initiatives working with the likes of Here Today Here Tomorrow we’ve now completed our first sustainability report for a large fashion retailer. You can view the report here

Our role was to take many data and information sources as well as brand wide initiatives and structure these against a background of mandatory compliance or best-practice eg: The United Nations initiatives. Then to write the copy from stakeholder briefs, tell the story and design the report.

For TRP, a key consideration is how CSR now has a wide brief and is increasingly thought of in these ‘buckets’:

  • Product and supply chain
  • Community and customers
  • Employees and culture (that includes well-being, diversity etc)

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