Social media forecast 2016

What’s on the social horizon? We consult our crystal ball to predict social media trends for 2016.

Younger consumers will continue to migrate to newer platforms


Instagram and Snapchat were the hot platforms this year, but will that last? As both of the companies start to cash in on advertised content, we predict that the younger half of Gen Y will test out newer platforms like Shots, Hyper and Ello (the last one in particular is anti-advertising). After all, this is why the younger crowd started to leave Facebook.


The growth of s-commerce


Twitter and Facebook added Buy buttons in 2014, and so far have received a somewhat lukewarm reception. This year Pinterest took the plunge – a platform that is almost purely visual and, in our opinion, more conducive to making impulse purchases. The success of social shopping remains to be seen, as the Buy buttons move from the testing stage to being fully rolled out and consumers get used to the idea of one-click purchasing via platforms that aren’t Amazon.


Live streaming will become more popular


2015 marked the inception of live video streaming, with a fierce battle between Periscope and Meerkat to see who could take the largest share of the market (it looks like Periscope has won, for now…). Whilst proving popular this year, the trend is set to get even bigger, as early adopters make way for the masses streaming live from global events, broadcasting news and showing us the contents of their fridges (yes, really). In terms of retail, we think more and more fashion designers will be willing to live stream their bi-annual collections, removing the ‘exclusivity’ barrier and creating more of a social buzz.


Facebook becomes a one-stop-shop


Facebook continues its campaign for (digital) world domination, rolling out instant news articles, a separate app for Facebook Messenger (that we were forced to migrate to) and announcing increased search capabilities, with the aim of eventually replacing search engines. It’s been a busy year at Facebook HQ – just the other day they announced Facebook at Work, their answer to LinkedIn. What’ll they do next? It’s only a matter of time to see what Zuckerberg has up his sleeve…


All images sourced from Google