Shopped – Social marketing


The challenge

Our challenge was to:

  • Build a global retail marketing community that can generate revenue through recruitment, sponsorship, events and advertising


What we’re doing

  • Shopped demonstrates what we can do with social marketing across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other key social media platforms
  • We test and trial content ideas – so our clients benefit from what we learn
  • We create social campaigns that meet our own business objectives and gain insights into what works and what doesn’t
  • We continually explore new platforms and apps to identify those that matter most to retailers


The result

  • 60,000 engaged and targeted Twitter followers growing by around 500 per week
  • 25,000 and growing Facebook community
  • #IndieTT – where we hand over our Twitter account to an independent retailer
  • Platforms used to recruit for our business and our clients’ retail marketing recruitment
  • Successfully targeted recruitment for focus groups and insight projects.

Update: Please note that we have now moved all social media from Shopped to /RetailPractice