The perfect fit

A single view of your customer, whether she is shopping online or offline, is the Holy Grail for CRM. The lingerie retailer Hunkemöller has implemented a bra fit tool that allows them to capture data both online and in-store, and use it for personalised marketing campaigns.


One of the key challenges to selling lingerie, both off and online, is the fit. Despite being apparently the same size, a new brand of bra, or even a new style of bra from the same brand, may not fit in the same way as one you are used to. In order to address this challenge, Hunkemöller devised a new way of determining the style of bra appropriate for a woman’s personal shape.

This new way of measuring bra fit was translated into a fitting tool for stores, and a simple tool which customers can use for themselves online. The online tool was integrated with the CRM system, as are the results from in-store fittings, so a member’s recommended style and size can be stored with their member data. She is given a category of bras in which to shop for the most appropriate fit for her body shape (e.g. Beautiful Balcony) and this is reflected at store level with hang tags on the products, and online with a product filter and labelling.


Email sends can then be segmented by style of bra, so when a new product is launched, it is targeted at customers with that shape in their profile. It is also possible to filter the website based on your shape. The next logical step is to personalise the landing page so the customer initially only sees bras which are appropriate for her profile.

This helped to solve a number of issues:

1. Cross-channel personalisation
 The integration with CRM meant that data gathered in store (if a customer is given a fitting) is also available when that customer shops online.

2. Returns
 When your average order values are low, the cost of returns can have a significant impact on your P&L. One of the most frequently cited reasons for returning an item is the fit, so any method which makes it easier for the customer to understand what size and style of bra will fit her is a big benefit.

3. Size of catalogue
 Sometimes the number of options, particularly on fashion sites, is a bit overwhelming. Clicking on ‘All Bras’ on the Hunkemöller site, for example, could return several hundred products. Reducing the number of options by only displaying the appropriate styles makes it easier for the customer to find something suitable.

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