Hunkemöller – Sexy Comes In All Shapes


“Stop selling. Start helping” (Zig Ziglar)

Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size – and Hunkemöller were determined to change this. We were excited to help them develop a solution to solve the technical challenge of customers finding the right fitting bra, ultimately creating long-term loyalty.

We helped Hunkemöller provide bra recommendations that suit personal DNA as well as size under the wrapper Sexy Comes In All Shapes.

As part of our involvement we led a cross-functional team, which covered four internal functions and five external partners. Our work included:

  • Project managing, writing and producing a 20-minute staff training video
  • Designing staff training tools including the bra matrix, poster, flashcards and tape measure
  • Writing and designing internal store communications
  • Developing an online tool and video so customers could discover their Sexy Shape at home
  • Providing creative input into internal and external marketing campaigns
  • Kick-starting a training cascade with regional managers and heads of retail

HKM results

Try out the Sexy Shapes tool here and below you can watch the video we created for customers to help them discover their bra size and shape at home.


Summer 2013/2014