Happy Easter! Today we’re cracking open (excuse the pun) the best technology and smartphone apps for your Easter fun.

 Hit the slopes: Easter skiing on the cards? Make the best use of 3D foot-scanning technology to perfect your ski boot fit by visiting the London-based Profeet footwear lab. As well as the existing ski boot fitting station, you can now add bespoke insoles to your running and tennis shoes and enter the Easter sports season fully protected from shoe-inflicted injury. The shop and lab are both run by multi-tasking sales staff, and what they don’t know about dynamic 3D foot-scanning analysis is simply not worth knowing. Fit-and-shop all in one store. Way to go. Once you get to the slopes, don’t forget to share your experience in 360° with your less fortunate friends left behind at home.

Make a splash: For the first time since Twitter got everyone’s attention at SXSW in 2007, the festival has (finally) managed to attract a new, semi-useful app. Splash, which lets you create and watch 360° videos, looks like a combination of Periscope and Snapchat updated for Google Cardboard. It’s not just for punters either – Splash is attracting fashion stores. Fashion brands like Agent Provocateur are already well versed in the art of live streaming from shop events, so no doubt the fashion crowd will embrace it first. Download here and join the VR mania.

Holo-kitchen anyone? Not to be outdone by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (AR) designers and the American home improvement brand Lowe’s are having a go at kitchen makeovers using AR magic. Ever tried to herd a reluctant partner towards the John Lewis kitchen design department? Once Lowe’s AR solution proves itself, you’ll want to queue up at the Microsoft Hololens kitchen-remodelling station, which offers a shot at redesigning your modest abode into a palace while wearing an AR helmet. Expecting increases in staff turnover at IKEA soon.

Upgrade your bag: Spring fashion includes 3D-printed bags, with the most innovative and beautiful ones coming from Maison 203. To be presented shortly at one of our favourite shows, Milan Design Week (April 12-17), the clutch bag designed by Odo Fioravanti is a breath-taking example of 3D-printing sorcery from the much loved design wizard. Geometry and nature come together in a subtle fusion that only a new technology can magic up. Watch the video here.

Bunny love: Last but not least, a delicious pair of chocolate bunnies can be 3D-printed to cheer up your Easter lunch table. Made by Choc Edge, the UK’s leading chocolate printing designers, the bunnies can be created in 2D or 3D versions. See them in action at the iMakr store in, Clerkenwell, where you can get artistic by creating your very own chocolate objet d’art in the store or a make a special Easter gift for your chocolate-loving friends. Experiential retail at its best!

Happy Easter and safe travels everyone!