This week we add a new word to our vocabulary (‘tagophobia’), explore drone security issues, celebrate the success of QR codes (finally!), and the luxury industry gets a sharp slap on the wrist.

If the shoe fits… Dark clouds are gathering over luxury shoe brands in Europe, as the EU wants to implement a common digital market. Long accused of preventing the free flow of goods, as well as retailers selling luxury goods online, the luxury sector is about to face the music. As the European Commissioner notes, there really is no obvious answer to why a shoe lover in Rome has to order her Italian shoes from a website in France or Switzerland. Brands will need to fix the situation pronto, or fines will follow.

QR codes finally get their time Can’t figure out how to follow a celeb on Snapchat? Admittedly it’s not something that we spend a lot of time worrying about, but in the “Me Me Me” age, SnapCode can now turn your photo into a QR code! Each user has a Snapchat-branded QR code on their profile that can be opened by pressing the yellow ghost icon. Whoever wants to follow you can just scan your photo and join your army of fans. Looks like a successful reboot of the unloved QR.

Up in the air Drones over your warehouse? Retailers are becoming increasingly concerned about the risk of drones being sent to snoop around their delivery centres or follow their vehicles to identify any weak points in their security systems. Now you can fight fire with fire and use Drone Countermeasures, which places a set of sensors around your business zone to report any dodgy flying objects from up to 15 metres away. Better safe than sorry.

B*tch stole my look! There’s a new phobia in the digital age – ‘tagophobia’, the fear of being tagged on social media wearing the same outfit twice. Fear not! You’ll never be caught in the same dress as someone else thanks to Rent The Runway. A whole new ‘sharing economy’ industry has sprung up, as most fashionistas have more dash than cash. It’s also the answer to lack of storage in that tiny apartment. An idea for Moss Bros? 😉

The best wearable tech comes in pairs Suffering from ‘tagophobia’ but don’t want to rent shoes (ew)? Now you can get heels that change colour on demand! E-ink smart shoes use a mobile app to adapt the colour of your heels to your outfit. Press the button and…poof! You are now wearing the same shoes but in a fresh colour. Cinderella’s fairy godmother has nothing on these!