THE LAUNCH THAT TOOK US BY STORM Just 72 hours after its launch, Apple Pay surpassed every other previous contactless payment technology combined in volume of payments. Stores and websites are embracing the technology, replacing the laborious typing in of credit card details on smartphones and keyboards.
WRAPPED AROUND MY LITTLE FINGER (OR WRIST) Not to be outdone by Apple Pay, MasterCard is taking the lead from Disney, piloting wristband payments. MasterCard nails both wearables and payments at the same time. Brave or simply foolish? Charity bands are currently covering my wrists, so I’d expect them to jump on the bandwagon. Watch this space!

NO NEED FOR A POCKET FULL OF CHANGE There’s now no excuse for not adding your spare change to the charity bucket. With SnapDonate  you point your smartphone at the charity logo on the bucket and choose the amount you wish to donate. The UK-based founder is backing the app by using the JustGiving platform. One click and it’s done. Great idea!

LET ME SEE YOUR HEARTBEAT Two functions are better than one, as Fitbit launches an activity tracker combined with the smartwatch functions in one device. Less is more in tech, so we are a little hesitant – but the execution is very sleek and the product is very ‘wearable’.
PERSONALISE YOUR EMOJI Ever wondered what it would be like to be a red-head for a day? Thanks to Bitmoji, a genuinely customisable emoji app, you can create your own avatar to share on social media or chat apps. Download it now – you will love it!

NO-ONE IS SAFE First machines replaced horses, now bots are replacing security guards, and, before long, other jobs. KnightScope bots have facial recognition and hearing capability, and even a sense of smell. Bots are also more sustainable than us humans, not requiring food, travel or taking up valuable space on the tube. Even my daughter has already asked to take one home!

STEP ASIDE SEGWAY Chairs are currently up for disruption – at least in Japan. UNI-CUB is a cross between a chair and vacuum cleaner, and easily upstages even your favourite chair. Strongly efficient, you can be certain to want one – or even two!
FRACTURE BREAKTHROUGH Ski season is on the way, and with it, alas, multiple fractures and broken limbs. If you are unlucky enough to take a tumble you can now choose a personalised 3D printed cast. Breathable, not itchy and lightweight, it also heals bones up to 40% faster. But here’s hoping there will be no need to try it this winter!
LONDON’S FRUGAL LITTLE BLACK BOOK Since you are going to be replaced by a robot and therefore will have all the time in the world but no money, the Frugl app finds free and cheap events in London, including food options and sample sales. Shake your phone and it displays a carousel of new offers, just like roulette, and you can flick through to find new ones. Slick!
BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY Some apps can access the mic on your computer AND use the camera even in off-mode. 4Chan’s founder, who is not unfamiliar with photos finding their way from  private laptop to bulletin board, recommends a 3D-printed SpyBlock, which can be placed over the camera when it’s not in use.