Find out how Topshop kept the buzz going with a catwalk show full of fashion tech surprises during London Fashion Week, and other stories you shouldn’t miss.

Access All Areas Accessibility was the name of the game as Topshop opened their Tate Britain catwalk via live streaming to fans online as well as eight giant billboards in the UK. Who said you have to wait ‘til autumn to buy what’s on the runways now? If #pink or #tweed creations rock your boat, you could Tweet your admiration and were able to receive a personalised offer for the product hot off the catwalk. Congrats to the team for some outstanding work, and even more so for matching the heritage trend to the grand interior of the Tate Britain!

Mr. Grey Would Approve LFW visitors who arrived at Tottenham Court Road station had the fright of their lives, as a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired lingerie collection appeared on models in the middle of the Tube station. Bluebella’s new collection hit the mark, as Londoners were just recovering from watching the new film featuring the adventures of the indefatigable heroine Anastasia. Unsurprisingly, this all resulted in a major Instagram explosion, with the number of generated posts coming just behind Topshop’s catwalk Instagram figures. There was no need to encourage Tube travellers to Tweet – they were all at the ready. The Northern Line will never be the same again!

For Your Inner Designer Creative souls wondering around Somerset House during LFW on Sunday were rewarded for their endurance (having already done one week of catwalks) and invited to indulge in the Knyttan luxury tech knitting experience. Located at the back of the famous courtyard, the start-up invited us to design our own postmodern scarfs and jumpers, riffing off the clean Dutch-based Moniker pre-design templates. Alternatively, you could simply play with the designs online and send across your own version. Similar to Tatty Devine’s handmade jewellery, it attracts the creative-minded to design without needing full training.

Satisfy Your Selfie Since traditional photobooths are just not infinite enough, Smilebox is the way to go for your next work party! Spotted during many shows at LFW, this fun selfie-set-up box by a Czech start-up allows you to personalise the background as well as share it immediately with your followers. Great fit for a big store, pop-up or some event fun, and it will definitely feed modern society’s need to share.

The Genie In The Bottle To celebrate the longed-for end of LFW, we had a go at the new Johnny Walker “Internet of Bottles”. With the opening of a bottle of your choice of poison, the OpenSense beacon can activate a message for you about a new offer, tell the marketers what your usual tipple time is, or simply inform the warehouse when a bottle has left the depot. Expect it to provide product info on a wider number of items such as fashion and beauty. Big Brother-ish? It might be, but NFC tech is now enabled on iPhone and the sensor genie is out of the JB bottle.

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