Find out how wearables are helping you take control of everything from your health to your festival schedule.

Baby it’s cold outside – unless you are wrapped up in Microsoft’s Happy Scarf! Not only does it keep your neck warm in style, it will also alert you in case of a heart race or shallow breathing. Crafted from copper taffeta and industrial felt, the scarf senses your emotional state and will notify you via wireless in case self-control is appropriate (most likely during London road rage). Finally, we’ve figured out what the Microsoft Lab has been doing all those years!

Crowdsurfing gets a new meaning A wireless LED band designed for festivals, that allows you to be at the right stage at the right time, has won the first prize at the Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich – with good reason. Besides making festival attendance more convenient, Sendrato’s smart wristband integrates with online ticket sales, allows access control and CRM. Aimed at large shopping malls, sport events or ski resorts, it makes monitoring (even in bad weather conditions) easy. Watch the video to admire how the DJ paints with beams of light sent to the wristbands.

Declutter your connected bike Bikes are about to get fashionably connected, as COBI comes up with a solution for dealing with bike gadgets. Instead of the typical front handlebar clutter, from lights to phones to bike computers, it caters to the Urban Minimalist using your smartphone. It looks great, and even provides a phone charger and smart LED light, taking bike rides to the next level of efficiency.

This will knock your running socks off With Sensoria’s “anklet” you can now keep track and optimise your fitness performance. Connected to sensor-rich smart socks, it oversees your running cadence or gait, and transfers the data to the SensoriaFitness app. The makers even included another great USP – the AnitMicroBial that stops your feet from smelling. Genius!

Workout smarter  Any gym bunny knows only too well what happens when you get a bit carried away, and end up with aching muscles the next day. To save yourself some pain, throw on this smart gym gear that tracks your movements (of course), and visualises them in 3D to provide you with a visual dashboard of your workout. It also gives you live feedback during your workout, to help you avoid injuries. The rumour in Munich was that the cheeky Canadians are also developing a version for couples. Valentines present, anyone?


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