DON’T HIT SEND IN ANGER Ever fired off an angry email, only to regret it instantly? You need a handy emoticon to alert you to your state of mind. That’s the promise of technology in development that measures how you type – speed, rhythm and use of backspace – and combines that information with an emotional analysis of the typed text. A must-have for customer services, surely. Read more (New Scientist)


SECURITY UNDER A CLOUD iCloud security flaws not to blame for leaked nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, says Apple. Look to the usual phishing techniques – researching biographical details to guess passwords and answers to security questions. So, unless you want those nights naked in Mykonos to go viral, try strong passwords, random generation, two-factor authentication etc. Watch this space for updates. Read more (TechCrunch)


SHOPPING NOT SLEEPING In 2008, 53% of adults bought goods and services online. This year, it’s 74%, with 64% of people aged 25-34 buying clothes online, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It seems, too, that we now spend more time using technology than sleeping. Always thought it was an overrated activity. Read more (BBC)


ET TU SAINSBURY’S? As if fashion weren’t competitive enough already, UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s plans to turn its Tu clothing range into a £1bn fashion business. Already rolled out to customers in the Midlands, a full e-commerce launch is due next year. If they need a bit of handholding, I’m free (insert smiley face). Read more (Marketing Magazine)


HMMM, PINTERESTING ANALYSIS Getting value for money from Pinterest? Well, its new analytics platform – traffic and engagement metrics, audience insights and advice for further engagement – promises, quite simply, to help you do better business. Arguably the best analytics tool around. Google, socks up, please. Read more (Search Engine Journal)


UDOZI’S A DOOZY Brits love convenience, says Alan Gabbay, founder of Udozi, the website and app that lets you find the nearest store to you with the product you want – in stock. I like this, because sometimes you just have to get something on the day. And what do Brits want most? Looms, Frozen toys and football nets. Crazy, crazy guys, huh? Read more (Retail Gazette)


GREAT SCOOP Nothing wrong with your ears, but trouble hearing in nightclubs and noisy restaurants, or out and about? Pop in the Soundhawk Scoop for a boost. Looks like a Bluetooth device, definitely isn’t a medical hearing aid, and all settings are controlled by a smartphone app. Great for bar, retail and waiting staff, and a snip at $299. Read more (Co.Exist)


BACKPACK SKATEBOARD When faced with the walk to the office, after getting off the train, we’ve all thought: I so need an electric skateboard built into a backpack. Well say hello to Movpak. With a top speed of 15mph and 9-mile range, it’ll set you back between $999 (first run) and $1,999 (general retail release 2015). Fun, but not as cheap as walking, I’ll grant you that. Read more (TechCrunch)


CHAMPERS IN THE POST Forgot to pick up the Champagne for Sunday lunch? Just place an order with quality London retailer Fortnum and Mason by 2pm Saturday and it’ll deliver by Parcelforce Worldwide (Royal Mail Group) after 9am on Sunday. Royal Mail, as it happens, now opens 100 stores on Sunday for people to collect when it suits them. Read more (Internet Retailing)


CONGRATS, YOU’VE BEEN POACHT Hoping to get headhunted but too busy to job hunt? Let the Poacht app (Android and iOS) do the work for you. Simply enter your requirements, put it to work and accept pop-up interview offers with a single tap. I see possibilities here for taking control of online shopping. Read more (Mashable)