In this week’s edition of [retail bytes] you can experience a true #ThrowbackThursday and browse the Internet like it was in the 90s! We also take a look at the latest developments in search, advertising, gaming and wearables.

The struggle is no longer real Trying to sift through thousands of photos on your iPhone to find that girl you snapped in the club last weekend? The new Google Photos app solves your searching woes by throwing in the best image recognition tech that money can buy. Just type “girl” and the app finds any relevant photos – no tagging, no filing, no albums required! The app includes free storage for any photos 16 megapixels or smaller. A couple of downsides – firstly, the backup prep takes an awfully long time, but apparently a fix is on the way. Secondly, consider your loss of privacy as you’re handing over a visual record of your life to what is essentially a giant search engine. Convenient yes, but beware of the possible data leak implications.

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Browse like it’s 1995 Yes, when we opened Cyberia Café in the 90s, the World Wide Web was a very simple animal but it worked well enough. You can now revisit the experience by downloading Cufflink, a ‘lite’ web browser for the Apple Watch. It was created by Alaric Cole, who was disappointed by the lack of web browsers for the device, and approved by Apple because they were so impressed with the result! Personally, I prefer giving instructions to Siri in a hushed, James-Bond-like voice, but I have had funny looks on a few occasions…maybe we’ll stick to simple surfing for now!

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Brick by brick With Minecraft being bought by Microsoft for $2.6bn, Lego has unleashed Lego Worlds to try and lure away some of the 100mn-strong audience of their players. The digitalisation of toys and the transition from physical to virtual is nearly complete, as Lego Worlds gives players the opportunity to create ‘whatever, whenever, wherever’ for kids and adults alike. Available on Steam, the release is something of a milestone for the Danish company, making the move from a physical product market to a mega media brand. Eagle riding and chasing dragons are just a click away!

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Now you see me… now you don’t! The next time you pass by a phone box and see a cup of iced coffee winking at you don’t worry – you haven’t gone mad (or had one too many pints in the park)! Costa Coffee is reviving tech from the 1940s, where the interlacing of two images produces the illusion of animation, also known as “lenticular technology”. Creating these realistic animations is possible at a relatively low cost; so expect lots more coming to shop windows near you!

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Brace yourselves – summer is coming Summer is coming (we hope), so we’re on the lookout for sun protection. Netatmo June is a pretty-looking device that keeps you safe from harmful rays! By connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, it reads the UVA/UVB levels and gives you a real-time index and, of course, a gentle nag that you should be wearing a hat. It’s splash resistant but not really waterproof, which is a bummer if you’re on the beach. Retail is detail – they need to go back to the drawing board but this has potential so I’m keeping my name on the mailing list for now!

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