I’M LINKEDIN, FLY ME Passengers with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can now make seat reservations, rebook a ticket or make extra baggage arrangements directly through LinkedIn – in 10 languages. Adds new meaning to the words ‘you recently visited’, I suppose. Read more (TravelMole)


5IPAD, THEREFORE I DRINK Thumbs up to the Thirsty Bear pub in London’s Blackfriars for ending the centuries-old and very silly tradition of queuing for ages at the bar. You can now order drinks and ‘Build your own burger’ from your table with your iPad. And relax. Read more (TripAdvisor)

GRAB A CAB WITH UBER After a night out in London, you might need a cab in a hurry. Just use Mobile app Uber. It connects passengers with drivers for hire and lets you rate your ride, among other things. Thing is, it lets drivers rate passengers too. So no arguing or throwing up on the back seat – or you won’t get picked up again. Read more (Pocket-lint)


SMARTPHONES ARE KEY TO GOOD HOLIDAY From 2015, holidaymakers at 4,000 Hilton Worldwide hotels will use their smartphone (iOS and Android) to check in and even unlock their room door. No more keys. Great for people who tend to lose keys, yes. But what if you lose your phone? A night on the tiles with the alleycats? Read more (CNET)


5INGLORIOUS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Nope, not a Tarantino movie. French supermarket chain Intermarché wants us to stop throwing out deformed or damaged produce (300m tons a year). It’s given these fruits et légumes ugly ducklings their own aisle and is selling them at 30% less. Five a day, guilt free. Tasty. Read more (Wimp)


BUY NOW WITH FACEBOOK Facebook is currently testing its new ‘Buy’ button in the US. The aim is to create seamless integration between social media and e-commerce to drive business sales. Concerns persist over credit and debit card security, and unauthorised purchases on open FB sessions. But get ready. You know it’s coming. Read more (Retail TouchPoints)


MIXEE ME’S MINI-ME Taking its cue from Makie Labs, Mixee Labs are offering bespoke 3D printed miniatures. If you’re after earrings, pendants, dog tags, Bobble Heads (the clue is in the name) or a Mixee Me (yes, you and your nearest and dearest), then start creating from just $10 upwards. Read more (Mixee Labs)


TWEET TW-HOO! Twitter’s earnings report for the second quarter shows revenue up $312m, and new users up 124% year on year. Developers promoting apps on Twitter drive revenue, but 2 billion tweets during the World Cup won’t have gone amiss. We are seeing big growth in Europe as Twitter realises we don’t all speak English. Better late than never. Read more (WebProNews)


9BOLTED DOWN? It’s frustrating. You have a new app to launch and all the names you like are taken. Didn’t stop Instagram naming its new messaging app ‘Bolt’ even though Andrew Benton had already filed ‘Bolt’ as the trademark for his mobile voice app (approval pending). Let sense prevail. Remember, the lawyers are the only true winners. Read more (TechCrunch)


10IT’S REAL BUT IS IT TRUE? Marketers just love buzzwords. If you’re keen to get grips with ‘Real-Time Web Personalisation’ and ‘True Real-Time Marketing’, then this one’s for you. Might take some digesting. The point remains, though, that the value of an ad increases tenfold if you deliver a drinks voucher from a bar to my phone by opening time on Friday. I think. Read more (Evergage)