FROM THE FRIDGE TO THE SHOPPING BASKET Promised by the over-excited BT back in 1994, Hiku, a new era in kitchen technology, has finally come to trial by Waitrose. The small scanner-cum-shopping basket device can be stuck to your fridge or kept in a box near you, and will be tested by a pilot group – apply now! (Choc Edge)
LET THE PAYMENT WARS BEGIN With the roll out of Apple Pay in the US, the battle for mobile payment domination has just begun. Pharmacies and chains with own-store cards, including Target, are hoping to keep customers in their walled (payment) gardens, and are opposing Apple Pay, as their own solution is “safer”. “More fool them“, as Stephen Fry would say.
BORN TO BE WILD? This bike helmet is certainly going places. The Skully enlarges your field of vision by picking up a feed from a back-facing camera and displaying it on your Google Glass in a transparent way, using heads-up display technology. The only thing not to like is the price, as it’s going for around $1,500. (Digital Trends)
THE PERFECT PICK-ME-UP Magic is the best way to describe the new in-store tech Perch, that lets customers interact with a projection of a product and digital content, from videos to user reviews. It can also re-configure the image on the table, and gives you handy analytics about the item (and the customer).  At over $7,000 it’s aimed firmly at the luxury brands market. (Youtube)
PICTURES WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS We are off to Manchester Metropolitan University, which is investigating if museums can provide more value to visitors via traditional audio guides or Google Glass featuring additional audio stories and visual context for each artwork. I would live stream to my friends who can’t join me, but I want to see the paintings through my own eyes!
A MOVING TRIBUTE More visual adventures with Flander’s Poppies, a WW1 commemoration painted by the daughter of Baker Street saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft. Download the Blippar app and point it at the painting, and the painting comes to life! Creatives had better put their thinking hats on, as the app offers a tool for movie-like magic.
WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? If you ask yourself this question all too often, you need the IPunchClock app, which keeps a precise record on what tasks you fritter your time away on. Invaluable if you are  trying to be more productive, and a must-have if you need to bill for your time. Don’t accidentally share it with your boss, as he or she might not be impressed!
NEED TO GET AWAY? MailChimp comes to the rescue for digital marketers, who are notoriously short of time. It invites you to connect to your account from your mobile and run a simple email campaign. It is not there yet for anything fancy, but enough for a simple mailing when on holiday. (I like Chatter – a simple update on your campaign analytics when you just need a quick overview.) (Slash Gear)
SHOPPING WITH A CARDBOARD BOX ON YOUR NOSE? Google’s idea of Virtual Reality looks rather cheap than cheerful, but comes flat-packed for you to put your mobile in and enter cyberspace. Check out this video at 11.19 where you can get a feel for how it works. Is this in your next shopping basket?
SILENT STREET OBSERVER Counting footfall is still a wild approximation due to the limitations of camera-based systems, but a New York based start-up is using a face-recognition system to measure activity in the street. Good thinking, but there is currently no opt-in process. Stay away for now till the privacy concerns are addressed.