This week you will find out why retailers need to take a close look in the mirror, as Lizard Squad strikes once again.

Not every iCloud has a silver lining Would you leave your wallet on the street, including your credit cards? Didn’t think so. Although, this is essentially what you do when being your connected self and using your iPhone in China. What appears to be a reliable storage platform that’s second nature for most of us, iCloud may as well be snitching our data without a blink. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop Apple from scoring record profits and five store openings within five weeks in the country despite its data vulnerability. No doubt the hackers are licking their lips already!

Loopholes, the breakfast for hackers If you’ve paid for your Facebook ad then you should ask for your money back, as cyber hack group Lizard Squad took down the network Tuesday morning – causing hysteria on the cyberstreets. It didn’t just leave us hungry for our daily digest, we were also unable to access Instagram, Hip and most importantly, we couldn’t scope for dates on Tinder. Facebook denied an external attack by the hack group, but the reality of so many unrelated sites being cut off simultaneously indicates that the cyber lizards were hard at work! Have you checked your network for cyber reptiles yet?

The bigger the data, the bigger the headache The cyber hack group Lizard Squad certainly did hack Malaysian Airlines, leaving us with a ‘404 – Plane Not Found’ warning when selecting the booking link. However, since MA’s security was non-existent at the time, it’s hard to blame the hackers for trying.

Every click is an entrance somewhere else However, it’s not only the airlines who are at the mercy of attacks, as cyber security continues to be an issue with many retailers too. According to a recent survey, over 70% of UK retailers admitted to the poor digital protection providing sub-optional safeguards for customers’ personal data.

Reality check ahead Not just retail but also charities are easy prey for the cyber spies due to insufficient protection. Only in June last year, the provider of abortion information and clinic operations, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, was hacked and is facing a £200k fine after an anti-abortion campaigner retrieved details of women seeking advice. The CEO took the blame for the lack of data security but hasn’t resigned – yet.


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