(R)etail is beginning to digest that we are all part of the “identity business” – whether we like it or not.

Instantly Shameless Remember when Polaroid was safe, as there was no digital record to make the rounds on social? Beware if someone snaps you anytime soon. With a remote printing function, water-resistant output, sneaky digital storage and built-in WiFi, Polaroid Socialmatic means no one is safe.

Samsung’s (R)Evolution Apple and Samsung’s battle will continue on the mobile payment ground, as the latter ups the ante with the new biometric-based Samsung Pay. Similar to Apple Pay, this payment system uses fingerprint authentication and NFC, as well as tokenisation. However, Samsung’s acquisition of LoopPay, a few weeks ago allows it to include tech that turns its payment’s system backwards compatible with mag strip readers.

Never forget a face For retailers who’d like to upgrade their customer service upon arrival or benefit from spotting fraudsters, live video stream analysis has arrived in store to enlighten you. Anonymous monitoring of “face stream” empowers the software to not only count visitors, provide insight, create heat maps and welcome repeat shoppers – FaceVACS will also identify previous offenders (like shoplifters) and alert staff. The legal framework, however, appears to be a blur for now.

Look them in the eyes Whilst recent studies have proven one in two customers are comfortable using biometrics as a form of authentication, retailers are testing if the setup is easy and safe enough to serve the convenience of verifying and unlocking mobiles. As it’s easy to set up by creating “templates” of your eyes and taking a snap, ActiveIRIS will recognise your eye pattern from a distance of 50cm using LED light and an infrared camera. Let’s see if it can beat the fingerprint for speed!

Don’t touch this It’s safe to say that we’d much rather rely on something we are instead of something we need to remember when unlocking our holy phones or bank cards. ATM providers are currently looking to introduce finger vein biometrics, as the pattern is unique and internal – therefore harder to fake. Hitachi is releasing its improved “finger vein reader” for ATMs, which allows you to just hover above the surface. In Japan, we’re sure this is already scoring points and is particularly effective.

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