AMAZON ON FIRE Amazon’s new Fire phone, launched in the US, can scan real-world objects, from bars of soap to TV shows, instantly bringing up all the info you need and of course the option to buy. With a visual database of 100 million shopping items, is the competition feeling the heat? Read more (Internet Retailer)


PAYPAL’S WALLET-FREE WORLD Cashless, we’re long used to. But with PayPal Beacon, customers don’t need cards or even their wallet. With the app on their smartphone, Beacon detects them as soon as they walk into the store and brings their details up on the system, ready for payment. See how Beacon charmed those sweet-toothed Parisians. Read more (Bloomberg)


FIRST-CLASS GLASS From a small project for Net-a-Porter, Diane von Furstenberg has developed a collection that has caught the imagination of the Glass pioneers. I’ve spotted the distinct orange colour in first-class VIP lounges, with early adopters using Glass as a second work screen. With Virgin Atlantic piloting it for customer service (in the non-Diane version), the Eye-Up display is here to stay. Read more here (The Guardian) and here (The Telegraph)


SHOPPING WITH DUMMIES Iconeme has unveiled VMBeacon-enabled mannequins in three UK luxury retail locations. Install the free app on your phone, pass within 50 metres of VMBeacon and the mannequins will send you messages about the clothes they’re wearing – prices, locations in store and links to the retailer’s website. It’s happened: the mannequin is the sales assistant. Read more (Mobile Marketing Magazine)


RALPH LAUREN’S FEEL-GOOD FACTOR ‘Looking good, feeling good’ takes one step closer to the literal truth with Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Smart Shirt. Sensors woven into its fibres measure heart rate, calories burned and stress levels. Battery is good for 30 hours (roughly 30 workouts) and the discreet sensor box detaches when it’s time to hit the laundry basket. So, smelling good too. Available spring 2015. Read more (Business Insider)


GET IN THE Q FOR THIS ONE Modern angst #101: smartphone battery running out and so many precious thoughts to Tweet. Don’t reach for the Xanax, just slip on QBracelet for an additional 60% of power. Available for pre-order in the US, price tag $79 (£48). Men’s bracelet also available, so the panic’s over boys. Read more (Digital Spy)


STICKY SOLUTION Ticket, check. Passport, check. Sunscreen, check. Children, check. iFlyPad. Eh? With this nifty gadget, you can stick your smartphone or tablet firmly to any flat surface, horizontal or vertical, and point it in the direction you want. Handy in the kitchen too or even on your running machine. Must have, check. Available from Amazon. Read more (iFlyPad)


BRITS BUFF UP Two out of three Brits are wine bluffers not buffs. With the Vivino app, say goodbye to sour grapes and hello to ‘fresh and fruity with a hint of savvy’. Take a pic of any wine label for user reviews, info, average prices and the uncorked wisdom of 5 million wine lovers. Any chance of an app for designer handbags – Bagsie, say? Available for IOS and Android. Read more (Vivino)


POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE Six first-class stamps and a jiffy bag, please. Or how about digital screens, iPads and free Wi-Fi? That’s the Apple/Argos-inspired future promised for the UK Post Office. Check it out, post-haste, at the new concept store housed in its design lab. Read more (The Drum)


MODCLOTH’S LONG GAME ModCloth, launched in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2002, quickly attracted a hip young clientele. With regular new features – ‘Love it or Leave it’ and ‘Color Capture’ in 2014 alone – it aims to keep them. For CEO, Eric Koger, it’s not about immediate sales and conversion rates visit by visit – it’s about ModCloth’s share of a shopper’s wallet or closet at the end of the day. Read more (Fashionista)