MINI-ME WEARABLES Making their way to a tiny wrist near you. The new Open Platform Smartwatch for kids, Jumpy, includes a scan (we told you at #fashtech it would be important), visual search, voice recognition and ‘Kid Tracker’. But the real advantage is that anyone can write apps for it. With detachable watch head, gyroscope, gesture recognition and Bluetooth, there´s a lot for developers to play with. Watch the video here.
MODEL STORE? As Phillip Green continues to court yet more gorgeous models, his celebrity-focused strategy is proving resilient in a fashion market that has been otherwise battered by the unseasonal warm weather. With global branding work for Topshop led by a NY megastore opening, the fashion retailer has invested heavily in their IT and e-com infrastructure – no wonder he is ready for a global fight!
TECH-COUTURE? YOU BET! Alexander McQueen protégée Iris van Herpen strikes once again with new, stunning 3D printed creations. With an intriguing hybrid of new and old technology, Iris is shaping the aesthetics of the future. Why transport clothing from Vietnam, when you could just transfer a digital file and print the garment locally?
WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE My current pet hate is the Heart Rate chest strap. I tried and it doesn´t suit half of the human race (i.e. us girls) easily. But here comes Mio – cutting to the chase and providing the sensors via a wristband! Support the kickstarter that save us from a lot of hassle.
REMEMBER THE PAPERLESS OFFICE? Yeah, right. But after that initial dismal failure, the paperless store is finally becoming a reality in retail. Following Apple and Snow and Rock, Argos is offering electronic receipts to customers. Retailers, go green with e-receipts! And check out Argos´s Xmas Gift Finder app based on Tinder’s swipe-to-like interface, so beloved by love-sick youngsters, and now spreading fast to retailers.
SEARCH LOCAL 3.5 times more customers search for products online using mobile phones and tablets than using PC, according to Google. With this trend in mind, the search engine releases funky features – check out your product from a 360 degree angle, get prices and the stores where you can buy it. Local inventory gets a priority in your area.
MUSEUMS PLUG IN Gallery visitors are no longer expected to stow away their mobiles, but are being encouraged to use a digital black pen that includes memory, a radio and touch sensitive stylus – to draw on interactive tables from touch screen surfaces, where the displayed treasures rest. Watch for this genius device to make an appearance in Burberry soon.
A+ FOR PRO-PARENT-THINKING Dubai´s Yass Mall is installing their first Booth Game for kids, providing relief for the parents whilst shopping in one of the world´s largest malls. Like Kidzania in Westfield, the mall allows kids to enter a virtual reality booth, get their face scanned and play as a customised Hero avatar. Make the most of your kid-free shopping opportunity, at least for about 10 minutes.
THERE´S MORE TO TWEETS Twitter is just for news and events, right? Wrong! Turns out it is very much for shopping as well, as you can tie the tweet to a coupon code, redeemable in a physical store. Easy! Tweet-to-collect?
JUST IN TIME Are you doing your Xmas shopping with Bitcoins? In preparation for our Retail Practice FashTech round table on payments, take a dive into the world of the Bitcoin and set up a wallet to do some funky shopping for gifts. Laser gaming mouse anyone?