This week find out about the latest fashion in posting on social, why you can get paid for running with a wearable, and the next big things happening on Facebook… You’re in for a treat!

Post in style Social media addicts who live-stream their every move can now update their status simply by popping the hood or unfastening the button of their ‘social networking hoodie’. Meet Ping, a garment that allows you to automate your updates, and can alert you when your friends respond. Clearly most of your contacts don’t need to know where you are and what you’re doing in such micro detail, but real time messaging in garments could be big, particularly if you can code a reassuring update for your loved ones.

Infinite shades of 3D Bored with wearing the same glasses every day? Now is your chance to get creative and bling up your eyewear by designing your own glass-jewellery. 3D printed glasses offer a new perspective on this very intimate garment, with the possibility of letting manufacturers produce more different designs, and Shapeways are offering a commercial option. Is this the future for opticians?

Run for your money! Want to be paid for keeping fit? Fitcoin lets you earn your bitcoins (cryptocurrency that is exchangeable into analogue cash) as you run. The app synchs with your heart rate to track your efforts, and uses the power of your smartphone to mine for Bitcoin – the harder you work, the more you make. And they’re planning their own FitCoin cryptocurrency in the near future.

De-clutter your run The Sony Smart Watch has been around for a while, but I have only just figured out how handy it can be. It has built-in GPS, so no need to drag your phone out for a run as it tracks your position all by its clever self. Top up with music playback via Bluethooth headphones, and you’re phone-free and ready to rumble.  But what is up with the hairy hands on the Sony ads for the watch?

What’s new on Facebook? More in-stream video capabilities and opportunities for brands to buy video ad spaces, but more importantly, talk about creating Virtual Reality experiences called Teleportation Stations. No need to go on holiday with mates, just coordinate a Skype+ like session with your Oculus Rift on and we are off to Hawaii for the afternoon. Or join your girlfriends at Topshop Oxford Circus to preview the new collections.  Can Mark Zuckerberg keep Oculus momentum or was it a cosmic waste of money to buy the company for $2bln, despite not a penny of revenue? It shall all be revealed soon enough.

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