1BIT PLAYERS With Wikipedia already relying on cryptocurrency Bitcoin for some transactions and donations, PayPal, through partnerships with BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin, now lets merchants accept bitcoin for digital goods transactions. Only in North America, but it’s a start. Read more (TechCrunch)


NICE FIT, NO BOTHER With a new virtual fitting service for coats from Idesso, you can now find the coat of your choice without even trying one on. I tried about 15 in no time at all and didn’t have to bother a single shopping assistant. Not a perfect solution but it’s getting there. Read more (Veooz)


3FACEBOOK FOR FASHIONISTAS Take five dresses into the fitting room, share a few photos, have fun, buy none. OK, buy one – no need to be totally obnoxious. My teens do this, and now LooksGoodOnMe app streamlines the process. Well, specialisation is the name of the social media game. Read more (Looks Good On Me)


MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE VIRTUAL WALL With its new ‘magic mirror’ Makeup Genius app, you can see what you look like wearing any L’Oreal eyeliner, blush or lipstick without actually applying the products. Try before you buy, from different angles, in real time. Who’s a pretty girl? Android version by 2015. Read more (Daily Mail)


GATHER NO MOSS, BROS With 49 of 133 stores now refitted, Moss Bros reports a 4.6% increase in first half revenue. Still, online trading accounts for only 6.8% of total sales. Compared to Mothercare’s £100m investment, MB’s digital strategy is too tentative. Time to move up a gear, because with e-com, winner takes all. Read more (The Retail Bulletin)


LET’S GO DUTCH More than 80% of Dutch online stores ship items within a day, compared to 30% in Germany and 10% in France, and it’s even lower in the UK. Clearly, investment in logistics is paying dividends in customer convenience. Read more (E-commerce News)


PURPLE PROS Want that tailored, professional look ladies but don’t exactly have a Chanel-level salary? London-based Gormley & Gamble’s Purple Label promises quality, convenience, fit and price. They’ll even come to your office for a fitting. Gorgeous wools and cashmeres too. Mmmm. Read more (Gormley & Gamble)


VYCLONE THE ‘VIDEO INSTAGRAM’ Get a bunch of people to download the app Vyclone and record an event on their smartphones. The app will then splice all their videos into a multi-angle movie. Invented for sport events and festivals but also great for group shopping or dinner in a restaurant with decent Wi-Fi. Can’t wait for the director’s cut. Read more (Know Your Apps)


STAR TURN Smartphone constantly out of juice? It’s not always easy to tell which apps drain your battery most. Estar, a new Android app from Purdue University researchers, identifies the most power-hungry apps and suggests energy-efficient alternatives. May the Force be with you. Optimised for performance, Luke. Read more (Google Play)


UPLOAD WITH UPLOCKET 3D printing and jewellery continue to delight. With UpLocket, the picture locket gets a hi-tech twist thanks to its ‘near communication field’ chip. Just touch it to a friend’s smartphone to share pics. No grubby fingerprints all over your nice clean screen. Excellent. Read more (3D Printing Industry)