NASA TECH LEADS TO BETTER-FITTING BRAS Because most women hate getting measured for a bra, 80% of us wear the wrong size. With this new app from San Francisco start-up ThirdLove, you can now calculate your bra size at home using two iPhone mirror selfies. It uses tech similar to NASA’s Mars Rover. And it only gets to stare at dusty old boulders. Not fair, is it? Read more (Co.Design)


2FOOTFALL RISE AND FALL Out-of-town retail footfall grew by 2.4% in June. In the High Street and urban shopping centres, it fell by 1.7% and 1.4% respectively. The British Retail Consortium says it shows we enjoy shopping as a leisure activity at well-managed destinations. I say parking and convenience drive business – and time is surely ticking on councils focused on parking revenue, with little regard for shoppers’ convenience. Read more (Fresh Business Thinking)


WE ALL SCREAM FOR 3D ICE CREAM So then, the High Street needs a boost. How does a little 3D printed ice cream tickle your fancy? Three Massachusetts students hooked up a Solidoodle 3D printer to a Cuisinart ice cream maker to produce just that – and to get kids interested in technology. Not yet commercially available but I’m licking my lips already. Read more (PCMag UK)


HIGHT STREET WELCOMES THIEF Fans of SnapFashion should check out Kate Bosworth’s new iPhone app, StyleThief (Android version on its way). See someone on the street and like what they’re wearing? StyleThief will find the item, or something similar, and let you buy it – all with one click. Don’t try it with denim jackets though. It doesn’t like grey. Read more (Who What Wear)


FLIP-FLOP SUCCESS You wouldn’t say no to 9,000 guaranteed social media interactions to build your brand. Try this for size. In June, New York retailer Old Navy built up to its annual Saturday sale by giving away 9,000 flip-flops through vending machines. Price per pair? A simple tweet – #flipflophooray. Nimble footwork indeed. Read more (Fashion & Mash)


THERMAL VISION THING Admit it, ever since the movie Predator, you’ve wanted thermal night vision. (Oh, just me, then?) With FLIR ONE for iPhone 5, the wait is finally over. Fun yes, but it’s also useful for testing electronics for overheating, or searching for drafts and leaks in insulation. Or finding your torch in the mud after one too many at festivals. Read more (Gizmodo)


OH MI, HOW SMART At just $13, the Mi Band from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is a steal. As well as boasting various fitness sensors, an alarm clock and 30-day battery life, it’s waterproof and can unlock a Xiaomi smartphone. One day, it could even unlock your front door and switch on a range of smart appliances. Wearable wars heating up? Read more (The Next Web)


MAKING WAVZ Earphone wires tangling with gym equipment is a bore. Dangerous too. Let’s hear it then for FreeWavz, 100% wireless earphones designed by an ENT doctor for a perfect fit – and also our favourite Kickstarter of the month. You have 15 more days to give your support. Read more (Kickstarter)


APPS TAKE CONTROL WITH CONNECT Time to take the guesswork out of apps and monetisation. Time, then, for free mobile advertising exchange platform Leadbolt Connect. Delivering more transparency, flexibility and better quality than RTB platforms, it gives app publishers full control of their monetisation strategy. Smart move. Read more (Mobile Marketing Magazine)


YAHOO’S YOO-HOO FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE Japanese Yahoo’s end-of-life service deactivates users’ accounts, deletes online documents, photos and videos, and cancels Yahoo Wallet subscription services. It also sends a prepared email to up to 200 addresses and opens an online memorial space for condolence messages. Disputed wills not included. Read more (The Independent)