PRINT YOUR FACE – AND EAT IT! Stephen Fry never looked quite as delicious as in this 2D chocolate portrait, formed by arty 3D printing technology from Choc Edge. I’m tempted to hire a chocolate 3D printer for the upcoming Christmas party and delight the office crew with their own chocolate portraits. Chocolatelicious! Read more (Choc Edge)
WEARABLES GET WEARABLE Omate Lutetia is a smartwatch aimed at women. According to the designer “it won’t look ridiculous on a woman’s wrist”, but it’s certainly sizeable. I went to London’s wearable conference GLAZEDcon to try the Lutetia in Rose Gold and see for myself. Michael Kors better watch out, he’s got some serious competition! Read more (Digital Trends)
A SMARTWATCH MAKEOVERUnhappy about  oversized and heavy smartwatches? Not for long, as Samsung comes to the rescue with a slim and bendable battery that wraps around your wrist – ensuring a lightweight and sleek feel. About time, as style conscious consumers are waiting for an alternative to unshapely ghetto geek-wear. Read more (Digital Trends)
THE SKIN, OUR DIGITAL CANVAS Another niggle with wearables is the small smartwatch screen. Skin Buttons, designed by Gierad Laput in Carnegie Mellon, cracked exactly that by displaying images on your arm via cheap, small, low-powered and clickable fixed-icon laser projectors. Potential safety issues may still occur, but I recommend you watch it for yourself. The video (Youtube)
GOODBYE QWERTY, YOU HAD A GOOD RUN Do you type on your smartwatch? Me neither. With a five key keyboard (instead of 30), 5-TILES has solved the problem, taking up 70% less screen. Sure, it might take a while to get used to, but I don’t think you’ll ever look back. And as long as you’re not  writing essays, 40 words per minute is acceptable. Read more (Fivetiles)
FITTING END TO RETURNS RATE Fed up with the volume of returns from your e-commerce store? Virtusize helps your customers pick the right size by entering their key measurements and comparing garments. Anything that keeps the wretched returns rate down gets my vote! Monsoon and ASOS are already in, so what are you waiting for? Read more (Virtusize)
A PLAYGROUND FOR THE BEATMAKERS The River of Twitter is like a silent movie, with lots of action but no sound. But with the launch of a new partnership, we will be able to play some fresh SoundCloud tracks in our Twitter timeline on a mobile. I’m sure  brands will love it, and I’m expecting a deluge of Jingle Bells in my feed this Christmas. Read more (SoundCloud Blog)
NO WAVES, NO GLORY Heading for a surf or sailing holiday this Christmas? The weather at the world’s top surfing spots comes built in to the Glassy Pro One Smartwatch. Upgrade your chances of catching The Big One or improve your fitness before you grab the board. Tailored to the ultimate surfer needs, it helps you measure how fast and long a ride was, to improve your goals. Read more (Slash Gear)
KEEP YOUR TOES TOASTY If your toes get cold when you’re hiking or riding, exo2 heated soles might just be what you’ve been longing for. Keeping me warm for three to five hours, they are my kind of wearables, as the arctic winter horse riding challenge looms! Read more (Exo2)
GET SET FOR ANOTHER SECURITY HEADACHE With the current craze for wearables, we are about to experience another IT-security dilemma. Wear Your Own Device means we will be connecting private wearables with work laptops and other devices. I can hear the moan from the network admin guys already. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel, you know it’s coming! Read more (Lifehacker)