Father’s Day is near – don’t forget (Sunday June 21st)! This week we’ve rounded up the best gift suggestions for wired dads – everything from the classic Fortnum & Mason hamper to a selfie drone and floating house!

Fetch the hamper, darling Father’s Day is on its way and Fortnum & Mason have redesigned their website in honour of the occasion. On offer is a new set of flexible delivery options to ensure the big day goes smoothly – a calendar lets you select days when you are definitely at home. That way you can make sure those food products (yummy hampers fit for your king) are delivered with perfect timing. There is also a EU option for dads who are the travelling sort. Grosvenor Hamper, anyone?

Little House on the Prairie River Digital becomes physical as AirBnB emerges from cyberspace and takes over the Thames with their newly designed Floating House on the River. The so-called “sharing economy” for travel has allowed us to stay in some spectacular locations, but nothing beats this! A great idea for a Father’s Day present, but don’t take your fishing rod as the T&Cs state that NO FISHING is allowed!

Save data (and money!) Save your dad money and point him in the direction of the new Wi-Fi Mapper – he can locate a hotspot, rank the quality of the connection, and wait… It even knows if there is good coffee in the vicinity. The app is just coming out of its beta testing stage and is iPhone only for now, but an Android version is on the way.

Move aside, selfie sticks! Not really a present for now, but pre-ordering the Lily Camera may be a good investment in advance of Father’s Day 2016! A Kickstarter campaign was launched for the flying camera that is hands-free (controlled with just a sensor on your wrist), and could help to take the ideal sailing selfie from the air. It might turn out that Lily is a design fiction product that will never happen, but dads can dream…

Samsung ups the stakes in mobile payment The Samsung Wallet is dead. Long live Samsung LoopPay with their new tech being rolled out in July! It doesn’t rely on NFC wireless, which requires retailers to have additional equipment. Instead, LoopPay emits a magnetic signal that mimics the stripe on a credit card, so that it works at nearly all US terminals. You will need to buy a special case with a removable dongle, but then it should work out of the box in most places. UK trials are rumoured for January 2016.