YOUNG, WILD AND (CASH) FREE The teen obsession with SnapChat has been taken to the next level, as it teams up with Square and is now equipped for money transfers. Simply select currency in the text and your phone recognises you are talking about a transfer. Mobile payments are moving away from B2B towards Millennials and their inability to handle cash!
GO GO GADGET! Whilst the US focuses on military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UK Drone company Strat Aero is a surprise winner of funding to train military pilots to fly drones, as well as exploring the seemingly endless commercial opportunities.

NOT QUITE SMELLING OF ROSES These beautiful 3D printed fashion designs utilise patterns from nature, and the designs mimic plants, flowers and fruit. Beautiful as they are, I can’t quite see myself out on a Friday night in one of these yet – but it won’t be long before the dilemma of what to wear is one you’ll be deciding with the help of your local 3D printer.

HONEY I LOST THE KIDS Ever lost your child in a busy shopping mall? Sprigwise tackles the problem via a GPS tracker in your kid’s shoe! Pre-order yours in time for the nightmare before Christmas – it works much better then the Find Me function.
KICKING THE COMPETITION WHERE IT HURTS Neiman Marcus is playing showrooming to its advantage by encouraging customers to photograph objects of desire they come across in another store or on the street, and they will respond with similar items from their own vast collections. The #FashTech arms race continues!
DON’T PUSH MY BUTTONS Struggling to tap those numbers in your wearables? Yes, we are learning Fivetiles but there’s another one on the tech front that cracks it: A nifty touch screen Atlas, the only wearable for super easy weight input. Your resistance exercise can now easily be tracked without constantly getting your phone out. Handy!
SKIN DEEP TECH Your body might be a temple, but it turns out it might also have screen potential! The Smart Bracelet allows you to display large files on your arm using a pico projector. Support the Kickstarter, as this could be a convenient way to read emails without leaving your bed or bathtub.
FROM UBER, WITH LOVE Relax, kick back and link in with Spotify to pick your favourite music when on the backseat of your Uber ride. The app is reaching out for even more praise from their customers, as the usual cab musical offerings are rather painful on the ears. Taxi Rock could soon be added to as a music genre.
CYBER SECURITY STILL A STRUGGLE The king is naked or, rather, his clothes are ìn the ‘cloud’ – as 70% of retailers note, it is “hard” and “complex” to maintain cyber security, privacy and data protection compliance within cloud hosting solutions. The lack of critical governance and security practices in place is quoted, but inherent cloud complexity is another problem to solve.
FINALLY, HOW NOT TO DO IT Microsoft puts out some wearable raspberry as critics judge their efforts as uncomfortable and ugly. Even though it feels solid, the non-curved screen isn’t great – but did it deserve such a pasting? We will find out shortly, as one is on order from our very own correspondent in Seattle for The Retail Practice team!