This week find out how your face might be more valuable than you think, why Tinder users at SXSW were getting their hearts broken and how 3D printing can help if you decide to say “I do”.

Would you trust an algorithm to pick your date? Tinder users have only themselves to blame when the date is not quite what they had in mind. Tinder users at SXSW fell for a beautiful girl, only to get their hearts broken when they discovered she was not at all what she seemed.

You, me, 3D If you do find love instead of an ad man’s lovebot, pledge your commitment with a bit of clever filament from Argos. Choose up to 6 letters to commemorate your love and create a 3D printed ring.  The big question is – can you recycle when the name no longer fits?

And the bride wore… laser blasted plastic Assuming things go well and your 3D ring works its magic, the next step for 3D printing enthusiasts is to find the perfect dress.  Et voila, the Shanghai-based Xuberances have created a breath-taking wedding dress for those who want something just a touch more modern than the usual meringue. Kirstin Thomas would approve.

Squirt in the Square! Looking for ideas for a romantic evening in London? Visit the Granary Square fountains and play Snake with the lights. The Granary Squirt app has taken the square by storm, inviting us to get nostalgic with a blast-from-the-past game but in a liquid, contemporary format.  Lucky Kings’ Cross!

Not just a pretty face If you’ve fallen foul of the King’s Cross pickpockets and lost your wallet, worry not as soon you will be able to pay using your face. Alibaba is putting their considerable muscle behind Face Recognition payment tech, which, although not perfect, and certainly not cleared for privacy concerns, will tempt those who worry about carrying physical currency or cards.  It’s not yet clear how this might work for Identical twins.

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