This week find out which retail sector will be hit hardest by Google’s prudish editorial policy change, how fashion is tapping in to the trend for swiping and why your customers might be more annoyed with you than you think.

The Great Google Cover Up No nudes on Google? Lingerie bloggers are getting worried as Google announces a new ‘no cleavage’ or ‘cheeks’ policy on its Blogger platform. It will continue to allow nudity only if the purpose is ‘artistic or scientific’. Bloggers (and lingerie brands using the platform) have until 23rd March to conform to this prudish shift in editorial policy.

Swipe right to buy? We all love Tinder’s swipe-right-for-yes interface, and Grabble has deployed it for fashion. The new UK-based app has ‘grabbed’ 50,000 users since launch, who have selected over 450,000 products from 2,000 websites. I’m not certain yet if this will convert into buying, as swiping on Tinder is a fun activity in itself, but only a very small (desperate?) proportion go on an actual date. Will swiping for lingerie lead to purchases? Investors bet that it will.

Google Glass 2.0? The death of Google Glass has been greatly exaggerated, as Sony enters the fray with their upgraded version. These Sony Glasses aim to be a real tool for the people who have to deal with your life’s dramas, like the ticket desk at Heathrow when you’re trying to blag an upgrade.  Still dorky, but better designed than Google Glass, they superimpose monochrome information over my entire field of vision, rather than requiring me to glance up at a dedicated screen in the top corner. Note no customary red lipstick on the model, which means Sony is aiming at ‘sensible’ business people rather than the gadget-mad general audience.

Will Pinterest become the John Lewis of the Web? With 70 million monthly visitors, the place we love to browse for objects of desire is not likely to be leaving the $1.7 trillion e-com market to Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest is adding a Buy button within the next 6 months, so get your brand ready for action. Pinterest’s famous grid format has many imitators, including eBay, and their nose for making products browseable and fun gives them a head start for becoming a truly personalised market place. Zuckerberg should be worried.

Just Me and My Shadow… Your customers can see if you are stalking them using myShadow, which shows a simple overview of who is tracking them online. As opposed to CRM, which lets you see your customers, MyShadow is more like VRM, Vendor Relationship Management – if a customer sees you are collecting their data but not providing any obvious value in return, they may like you a lot less. Make sure you only ask for data that is actionable, that you can keep safe and that you are using to improve the customer proposition. Otherwise leave well alone, as the power in the customer-retailer relationship is about to shift.

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