CMT – TO HAVE OR HAVE NOT By 2017, chief marketing officers will be spending more on technology than CIOs, says the Harvard Business Review. Enter the Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT). If you want solid omnichannel, hacker-proof, customer-led retail, and aren’t one of the 81% of companies with a CMT already on the payroll, here are four ways to start thinking like one. Read more (Spredfast)


FIBRE-OPTIC TINKERBELL ‘Beautiful wearable’ is an oxymoron, right? This slip dress, made from fibre-optic fabric activated by high-intensity LEDs tailored into it, on show at London Fashion Week should change your mind. Richard Nicoll, Studio XO and Disney have created an ethereal Tinkerbell for the 21st century. Want, want, want! Read more (Forbes)


TOPSHOP’S SOCIAL CATWALK Topshop fans got first peek on Facebook – before the press and celebs – at some styles from the brand’s spring/summer 2015 ‘Unique’ collection immediately after London Fashion Week. Fans could also tag their own shots on Instagram with #topshopwindow and interact with the Oxford Circus store screen as it streamed live from the show. Read more (Fashion & Mash)


BURBERRY ALL A-TWITTER Following its uber-successful London show, Burberry has signed up to Twitter’s new ‘buy now’ button, which stores your bank details on Twitter’s secure internal system. See a tweet with a product you like, touch the button and it’s on its way. And as we’re talking tweets, the most tweeted image from the show? Yep, a selfie of Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Mario Testino. Read more (Vogue)


24-HOUR HACKATHON London Westfield is to host a 24-hour hackathon on 20-21 September. Consumers will interact with competing teams of techies, who’ll work all night to answer key talking points of the A/W season. The winning team will get flown to Westfield Labs, San Francisco, to present their innovation. Pity e-security isn’t a spectator sport. Read more (Retail Technology News)


HIGH STREET LOW In August, UK out-of-town retail parks enjoyed yet another monthly rise in footfall of 2.9%. The High Street, however, experienced a 2.8% fall compared to this time last year, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Just when will councils lower the cost of urban parking and remove the chief obstacle to High Street resurgence? Read more (Fresh Business Thinking)


TIGHT THREADS Scarily, you’ll soon be organising the Christmas party. How about kitting out the ladies and gents in dresses and blazers that change colour when they’ve had too much to drink? Yes, more wearables with sensors, LED lights and miniature motors. Any chance of a handbag with a GPS map of the way home instead? Read more (Wearable World News)


DYSON CLEANS UP WITH ROBOT Who wouldn’t rejoice at the thought of never having to hoover again? Well, it’s taken 16 years, 200 engineers and £28m, but it seems the Dyson robotic hoover, with location analysis technology (apparently), may finally be here. Not long now to fulfil your ultimate Dyson fantasy. Read more (_Connect)


SMART CARD CARTEL UNCOVERED Why do you pay so much for your phone? The EU Commission knows why. Market leaders in smart-card chip manufacturing, including Samsung, Mitsubishi, Philips and other respectable companies, have been running a cartel. Result? Fines totalling €138m. Good work, but can I have my money back now? Read more (CIR Magazine)


LOSE YOUR BOTTLE From kitchens to landfill, empty plastic bottles are everywhere, polluting the present, endangering the future. With the 3D Re-printer, just pop those empties in and watch a whole new product pop out. No price tag yet. I’m signing up when the Kickstarter’s available. Read more (Inside3DP)