This week we look at how VR technology is catching up quickly – we’re intrigued to see which retailers can keep up. The pressure is on!

Will fast fashion cost the earth? Don’t think so! Following in the footprints of Google’s sponsorship-based revenue model, a new sassy start-up called Volta presents a win-win for retail and fashion. Volta, who own electric vehicle charging stations, got Macy’s in San Francisco to pay for ads on banners placed above the car-charging points. The eco trend is picking up – and retail wants to join the party!

The walking dead As soon as the Hololens version of Minecraft hits the shops, we can expect empty streets so nobody will need fuel anyway. The E3 demo presented by Microsoft enables “air tap” gestures through raising your finger and tapping down, not to mention creating your own Minecrafted world through simple words and movements. Shout out to the retailers as Minecraft might be a better solution for your next flagship store instead of the next mall.

Just hanging in the clouds From Depop to VR, social shopping will soon see shoppers hanging out in virtual stores, trying on virtual clothes. Sony is setting the scene and will be offering Morpheus players a VR hangout spot for gamers plus four friends. It’ll be the perfect chilling area for millennials while they shop alongside Topshop’s live personal shopping experience.

J’adore VR Dior If you think VR is for geeks only – think again! We adore the handcrafted VR set that’s as sophisticated as it feels luxe. We had the privilege to follow the team backstage in Paris via VR and let me tell you – it was pretty good! EyeDior not only wins the hearts of aspiring models with its BackStage range, but also gets a 10/10 from us!


No mountain is too high Ever wondered what it would feel like to climb an ascent in Yosemite National Park with a pixelated view? Pretty disturbing, if you ask me! With the face VR app NorthFace created in collaboration with Google and its 360° angle you can find out for yourself. Consider how it would feel to direct athletes plus the blurred vision – it makes us feel slightly sick already. Yes, we are probably overreacting, as we would most likely give it a try (Android users only though)!