This week we take a look at the newest trends in 3D printing – architectural shoes, anyone? And there’s an unlikely competitor for the Apple Watch.

These shoes weren’t made for walking ‘Disrupting shoes’ is the theme at Milan Design Week, as Zaha Hadid shows designers how it’s done. Architects are re-fashioning the objects of our dreams and have found an aide in the form of 3D printers. Five architects have created their version of the ideal shoes, with Zaha’s Flames (pictured) tipped to take the first prize.

Kombat the cold It’s not just shoes getting a 3D makeover this week – so is skiwear! Protective facemasks can now be custom 3D-printed in the colour of your choice, with the design inspired by the Sub-Zero character from popular game Mortal Kombat. We expect to see a lot more bespoke gear on the slopes as sports fashionistas seek to express their individuality. Strong point? It won’t get wet like regular skiing masks tend to, which can make a day on the piste a very soggy affair indeed.

 We just #love #shoes! With Adidas Originals having almost 5 million followers, it seems that Instagram is inhabited by a tribe of closet shoe fetishists. #Shoes were tagged on Instagram over 48 million times in 2014! #Love saw 864 million postings in the same period, but in many cases #Love and #Shoes were mentioned in the same post. Check it out for yourself and read our Instagram Cheat Sheet.

The force is strong with this one What do you give a girl who has everything? Just ask Idaho mum Renee Ammon, who’s solved this problem! We might be biased, but her 3D-printed Star Wars props and jewellery are amazing – can we get them printed ‘while you wait’ in stores (Topshop?) and customised on-site with a colour of our choice? It would definitely give retail stores a whole new dimension, and one-up online shopping!

Alan Turing would be proud! Following our reviews of Apple Watch last week, someone has kindly sent us info on a competitor that we missed. If you loved The Imitation Game, here’s a watch for you! See the video on how a digital version of the Enigma Machine would work on your wrist. We’d gladly pay 10k for this – it beats the Apple Rose Gold Edition hands down!

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