GENERATION STREET-SMART Money is short, and consumers are embracing second-hand fashion. WaveyGarms (cool clothes for me and you) has undoubtedly proven the demand for both new and pre-loved streetwear with its fast-growing community of over 70,000 users. But with Facebook’s ‘Buy’ button gaining acceptance, we are sure there is more to come, eating into high street profits. Read more (The Guardian)


LIVING THE FASHION DREAM Lively social commerce platform, where creative and cash-stressed fashion souls meet, allows us to dream big by creating our own mood boards, arranging or even buying our dream outfits and following aspirational designers. Read more (Polyvore)


FRIEND APPROVED For many of us, a couple of hours shopping with friends is one of life’s little pleasures. The MyClique App let’s you share this experience online. Select your key looks, ready to be shared with your friends and network. Slightly over-dominated by ASOS at the moment, but it’s slick, content heavy, features catwalk videos, and can help fashionistas stay focused for next season’s shows. Read more (MyClique Blog)


watching-tvVIDEO RULES If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? New functionality like in-video hotspots and cue point shopping is only increasing shoppers’ interest in the format. The Amplience video editing tool for hotspots supports the re-use of existing TV Ads or YouTube versions. Read more (Amplience Blog)


DIGITAL LEAD We are happy to see a new woman on the digital block, as Safra Catz takes over Oracle as Co-CEO, following the semi-retirement of Larry Ellison. Safra knows her way around code and was instrumental in Oracle’s recent acquisition of Micros. Keep an eye on Safra’s choice as the integration of Micros to the Oracle platform will be completed by November. Read more (AdAge)


GOOGLE CHANGES THE HOME DELIVERY GAME Google Express, a new service from the brand we love to hate, invites buyers to order from different online shops and receive one same-day delivery. With a subscription fee of $10-per-month, customers receive unlimited same-day or overnight deliveries. UK Post Office  watch out – Google is coming to shake you out of complacency! Read more (Retail Dive)


EMPTY YOUR POCKETS Cash is no longer flowing, as UK consumers increase their spend on cards by 5.6% to £47.3bn. Debit card transactions showed a growth of 9.5% in August according to the UK Card Association, as digitalisation continues to grow. With more and more small payments noted, the convenience of contactless cards  is preferable to a pocket of change. I will miss cash, but not the holes in my pockets. Read more (Out-Law)


WINDOW SHOPPER House of Fraser’s Andy Harding commented at the Internet Retailing Expo that the iBeacon pilot in their Aberdeen store has been a success. Mannequins direct  customers to where the items are on the shop floor via a digital map, presenting special offers and videos of the look. Window mannequins allow 24/7 shopping, making  windows work harder (for their money) than ever. Read more (Essential Retail)


ONLINE ARTISTS HANGOUT A new  inspirational online hangout for artists has just launched, as leaders in art materials, Winsor & Newton, create a cosy place for artists to share their work, updates on shows, materials, galleries or dealers and most importantly to connect with each other. Great user experience work from has successfully integrated the arts community with social commerce. Read more (Winsor & Newton)


ARE YOU READY FOR THE DISCOUNT WARS? Sales of non-food products in the UK increased by 8.2% in September versus 2013, but don’t rejoice too soon – as it was the lowest online growth seen since August last year. Wage deflation is beginning to bite and leaves the overall retail picture in the UK and Germany sombre. Expecting headwinds, retailers are gearing up to a season of online discounts. Read more (The Retail Bulletin)


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