WORTH A MENTION People are talking about you. Or are they? Just ask and find out. Based in France, Mention works anywhere, delivering daily alerts every time your brand pops up on social media. Just like turbo-charged Google Alert, Mention gives a daily bird’s eye view of how your brand is really perceived. Worth every centime. Read more (Mention)


WATCH THE TIME Are you one of those the absentminded types who put their phone on ‘quiet’ and forget about it for the rest of the day, missing important calls and meetings? Cogito Watch to career rescue. A simple but beautifully ergonomic watch, it alerts you to calls and meetings, and also has a handy ‘find your phone’ function. Now, back to work with you. Read more (Cogitowatch)


SERIOUS CHARGE Is your working day a never-ending search for a socket to charge your mobile? Search over. Just plug in to super-thin Monster Powercard for five hours of energy. Worth a lot more than its weight, particularly when you take a fair few pictures, which gobbles up the juice faster than anything else. LA-based but sells worldwide. Read more (Monster Products)


ROBOTS VISIT THE TATE On Wednesday 12 August, after the doors closed, four robots roamed Tate Britain (London), streaming live footage to the gallery’s ‘After Dark’ website. Viewers took turns to control the robots and experts were on hand to provide commentary. Is retail ready for this? I’d love to send a robot around Burberry in the dark. Read more (BBC)


WEBEACON AT WIKIMANIA At Wikimania Festival 2014 (at the Barbican), 2,000 hacks, editors and contributors had help finding their way to the right presentations, courtesy of weBeacon from Enabled by a network of Bluetooth beacons, the app sent personalised content to phones based on specific location. Retailers, galleries or event organisers interested in trying opt-in location-based services, please get in touchRead more (Appp/i)


COUNTRYWIDE BROADBAND Ah, the British countryside boasts so many bucolic pleasures. Internet connectivity, sadly, isn’t always one of them. Good news then that Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) is promising 95% coverage by 2017. Even better, Derby has just got a new gigabit connection and tons of free Wi-Fi in the city and beyond. Hello 21st century. Read more (Gov UK)


MINE FOR THE TAKING Looking for a low-risk, low-cost entry into mining? UK-based MegaMine offers flexible contracts, real-time stats and updates, and sustainable hydro-powered hosting facilities. Start building up your Bitcoin currency reserve for a small outlay. Watch this space to see how ours are doing. Read more (MegaMine)


NOW SEE HEAR Even the most beautiful image can be a little cold without sound. Warm up your brand with Audiosnaps App for iPhone and Android (Lite). Developed in Barcelona, the app takes pictures with sound and stores everything in a single jpeg. Should get e-com into fifth gear pretty sharp. Read more (AudioSnaps)


YOOX DELUXE Bologna-based e-commerce brand provides web and fulfilment service to more than 35 luxury brands, including Stella McCartney. End-of-season sales and reminder goods are the bread and butter of online retail, but Yoox maintains an air of exclusivity, while its super-efficient warehouse in Bologna takes an order every 11 seconds. Read more (Yoox)


WOOLY THINKING Yes, you could knit away the autumn evenings until your knuckles knot. Or you could design your creation remotely, choosing from 36 colours, selecting details and patterns, and get UK Start-up Searu to do it for you. Bespoke designs at almost mass-market prices – now that is comforting. Read more (Searu)