IN DENIAL OF CYBER SECURITY China is whipping off our safety blanket, and stands accused of hacking the US Postal Service. Nothing is sacred when even the Postmaster General had his data compromised! Time to check your pre-Xmas security settings!
THE SEARCH IS OVER Fed up of having to type ‘dress’ or ‘top’ into the search bar of the you-know-which fashion brands? Now you can simply snap a picture of your favourite celeb or a woman on the street, send it to Zalando and hope the visual recognition tool from Cortexica can find it for you.
AMAZON WORKAROUND GETS CHURCH’S BLESSING Not in tune with German labour laws? Not to worry, Amazon found the perfect work-around by hopping over the border and opening three mega warehouse and logistics centres in union-free Poland. This priest has already given his blessing (see photo), but will the gods approve the below-minimum-wage pay for the pick-and-pack staff?
ONE CLICK PURCHASE BECOMES NO CLICK Amazon’s Echo is a Personal Assistant in a tube. You can tell it to set an alarm, or ask it about the weather. But, more critically, in the build up to Amazon’s big German offensive, it lets you add items to your shopping list with voice commands: “Alexa, add pickles to my shopping list”. I want one from Topshop!
WATCHING BIG BROTHER Do you have a security webcam in your store? Then you might be broadcasting the video feed to the world without realising it. Those who did not change their default password settings are now providing hours of entertainment to the world. Check yours now!
SIMPLE SMART SECURITY Cameras for in-store or home security are 20th century relics, and I’m glad to finally see a smart house and shop sitter. With an ear for sounds and sense for air, it will alert you of any changes in the environment you should know about. No cameras, no voyeurs.
LOCKED UP POSITIONING In need of GPS indoors? Seek no more, as a supplier of GP repeaters is now in the UK, helping to keep continuity of signal in-store or car parks. The perfect accompaniment to your iBeacon system, or stand-alone to support in-store mapping.
NO NEED TO WET YOUR PAINTBRUSHES A new app from my favourite development studio allows you to customise your creative output and match Warhol. Marilyn eat your heart out, as we put PopArt thru its paces on this image of Richard III. Who needs artists when you’ve got this app for iPhones or Androids?
FROM WEARABLES TO PAINTABLES Nothing cheers us more up than dancing – so join us watching this beautiful marriage of sensors and ballet shoes, as WeTheUrban allows a dancer to paint with their feet.
SUPER-ISE ME Finally, your dreams of seeing your loved one as an action hero can come true! You still have some time left to get your hands on one of your very own personalised superheroes from Firebox for Christmas. Guess which one I’m going for?