Find out how the Apple Watch landed on the wearables market, learn about swimwear that you simply can’t forget unless you leave your charger at home and read about the latest displays screens that’ll draw you in like nothing else you’ve seen…

Living up to expectations? It’s lucky that a tanned, lanky supermodel was within reach at the long-awaited arrival of the Apple Watch on Planet Post-Geek. Although only 2.4 million smart watches have been sold worldwide so far, Apple continues to stay optimistic and CEO Tim Cook even predicted sales of 10 million in 2015. But we’re not convinced that the “Milanese loops” and silly price tag on the upmarket version will thrive.

Just a pretty face Apple’s retail boss Angela Ahrendts is convinced that, with the help of Christy Turlington, the $13,500 price tag could be justified. The gold watch does look nice but, quite frankly, it ain’t a Patek Philippe. When they’ve cracked the battery power constraints (1 day, is that really all?), worked out e-security (yes, we haven’t forgotten about Jennifer Lawrence) and lack of data privacy, then give us a shout!

3D is making waves Created by the 3D printing teams of South America, a new one-piece swimsuit showcases a hybrid of crochet and ocean baroque. Inspired by Nervous System’s dress, acquired by MOMA New York in December, this could mean we will soon be able to simply pack our laptop and create our beach outfit at the local 3D printer.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? A screen that visually jumps out of the frame is currently ruling the 3D market. With content creation presenting a time-consuming process, the display is a pricey choice for now. But who wouldn’t want Beyoncé leaping out of their screen?

Minority report A less conventional, but equally powerful, technology is being ushered to shop applications and interview recordings. Imagination Tech, a UK-based start-up, has developed a face recognition software that has received a lot of retail interest. Whilst the legal restrictions have not been finalised yet, there are already 45 million faces in its database.

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