Find out how Samsung’s Smart TV could be monitoring your intimate moments, a scarf that will protect you from the attention of paparazzi at LFW and more…

Watch Where You’re Whispering This Valentine’s Unless you are prepared to share your sweet nothings with advertisers, you might want to consider getting rid of your TV. Rolled out in Asia, where locals expect (and experience) very little privacy or data protection, Samsung’s new Smart TV features voice recognition that hears more than your command to change the channel – it picks up on everything else in the room too.

Apple Pay Takes Off Just as we paid for our mid-air snack with mobile payment service YoYo during our flight with Malaysian Airlines, Apple Pay jumped on the sky-high payments bandwagon. Jet Blue are the first US-based airline to introduce upgrade via Apple Pay, as well as to pay for food and drinks, and the first hires in the UK have already hit the ground.

Kick the Queue Desperately waiting to get your hands on that new sneaker style? Instead of camping in the cold outside the store to ensure you’ll be one of the first to walk out with your must-have trainers, the keen customer of Adidas can now skip the wait and stand in a virtual line on the new App.

A Blessing In Disguise If you belong to the well-known faces that like to keep a low-profile, you may want to consider complementing your outfit during London Fashion Week with Betabrand’s scarf or coat. The fabric reflects the flash of the paparazzis’ cameras, and you appear faceless in any shots.

Lies, lies and CBI statistics. The bosses are trying their hardest to make bad figures look good, but Black Friday was a car crash for UK retail, with lost margins that could have been well defended if only retailers had kept their nerve. Back to the drawing board then.