EMAIL NO MORE More than 50 years of loyalty and 20 years of spamming later, it is time to let go of our long-lasting internet work-horse, the email. Netflix is introducing a new show reminder via Twitter, allowing customers to stay connected and not miss out on the latest episodes. With the new Marco Polo show pioneering Twitter’s tie-in, holidays have never looked better!
BLACK FRIDAY – THE AFTERMATH Whilst Black Friday was dominating many etailer’s sales figures, a 2 week backlog of deliveries cast a big shadow over Marks & Spencer. With under-performing logistics, particularly for click-and-collect, Tesco and Curry’s vied for second place in the Xmas retail hall of shame. Meanwhile, sister-sale Manic Monday lured 6.5m people, approximately 520k per minute, proving the popularity of Christmas online shopping during lunch-time.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL Do you yearn for a single password that works for all your accounts? Yep, you are not the only one! The new wearable tech device, the Nymi Band, neatly solves the issue by identifying users through a unique biometric electric cardiac signature. Watch the video, admire the simplicity, dream about banks adopting a persistent identity solution – and finally, say adios to multiple passwords!

MACCA’S HOLOGRAPHIC DESTINY First-person shooter and Paul McCartney collide in Destiny, released by Sony, with takings of $500m since the launch. Destiny’s 9.5m registered users can enjoy the soundtrack recorded in our local Abbey Road studios, whilst McCartney’s fans can watch the performance of Live and Let Die on Oculus Rift! Face-tainment, anyone?


DAYLIGHT ROBBERY Cunning Candy Crush Saga and clever Clash of Clans, with their addictive in-app purchases, win the contest for the highest grossing games for iPhones. Our beloved Minecraft came top in the group of honest, paid-for games. Keep the kids away from addictive ‘free’ apps that make claims on your wallet. Time to regulate the in-app pirates!

FEEL THE MAGIC Virtual displays are about to get more real, as new technology which creates touchable holograms that can be felt as well as seen reaches its final stage of development. Visual Merchandisers will breathe a sigh of relief when there’s no more need for lugging physical stock around.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION (ALMOST) Instacart, the grocery delivery service that collects from local businesses and delivers to your home or office in an hour (as long as you live in Seattle) has already secured a $100m investment. Instant gratification is the Millennial’s second name, therefore it’s already considered a slam-drunk by ex-Netscape backers. It could be just be another plot to make us use Uber…

SMART SHIRT CALLS LAST ORDERS Too much to drink during the office Xmas party? This shirt could save you from a terrible hangover. Garments that can ‘feel’ your state of inebriation or hydration are on their way, with embedded micro-sensors that keep tabs on core body functions. Xsensio provides a t-shirt that’s a smart choice for a Saturday night out. Mine is telling me it’s time for G&T!

BASKET ABANDON SOLUTION Losing your online customers at the checkout? With a basket abandon rate of over 60% being the norm in the fashion industry, we like the simple solution of OneSnap payment. Allocate an individual QR or barcode for each item and customers can take a picture of the screen and use their handset to pay. The young Swiss team is hot, check out the video and call us for details!

GOOD DAY AT THE OFFICE An Alternative High Street Report by Bill Grimsey and his team, warning that your local High Street would be decimated by UK´s disastrous business rates regime, took a surprising turn. As one of the co-authors and campaigners on the team, I am delighted to share that our year-long campaign helped push the government to find £500m to offer tax rebates for small indie High Street businesses. The Autumn Statement also added to the reform of the indie shop-killing tax!