APPLE PAY, YOU BENEFIT As the dust settles on iHack, news comes that Apple has teamed up with First Data Corporation to launch mobile payment service Apple Pay. Easy, safe and secure for customers, Apple Pay also promises opportunities for all sizes of businesses. Loyalty scheme next, please. Read more (First Data)


ARE YOU ON BOARD WITH APPLE? Apple Pay might get a big helping hand too when Apple sells its own upgraded iBeacons (due for in-house roll-out) to retailers. Disney is a long-time partner but it seems McDonald’s, sales chain Nordstrom and pharmacies CVS and Walgreens may also be on board. Are you? Read more (9to5Mac)


E IS FOR EASY IN JAPAN Just to put Apple Pay into perspective, Japan’s Suica pre-paid e-money card offers contactless payments in a very user-friendly and, more to the point, secure manner, as I discovered on my recent ski trip to Nagano. Vending machines, train tickets, newspapers and drinks can all be bought without scrabbling for change. Read more (JR-EAST)


4HOME DEPOT HACKED Home Depot (US) finally confirms publicly that the ‘suspicious activity’ reported last week was its payments system being hacked – for months. Credit card data was exposed, though, Home Depot is quick to note, PINs were not. That’s a relief. The CIO is still in place, but for how long? See here for what happens to those who let this happen on their watch. Read more (TechCrunch)


iWATCH, YOU WANT Apple finally unveils the iWatch – two sizes (1.5 and 1.7in), three styles and six bands. In 2013, more than 100,000 iPhones were stolen in London alone. Expect the even more visible iWatch to take over as most-stolen object of desire upon its release in 2015. Wait until they get cheaper or make sure all security features are turned on. Read more (Yahoo)


EYEWEAR, YOU MAKE The iWatch isn’t the only thing that’s hot right now. The 3D printed eyeware market is heating up nicely, thank you. I’m partial to great eyeware design but I really want to design objects that fit my face. And I’m not alone, because while buying’s a necessity, making is an adventure. Would you design your own glasses? Read more (3D Printing Industry)


GOOGLE GLASS YOUR LIFESAVER? While everyone’s lusting after Apple’s latest, US researchers claim the heart rate and respiration data from Google Glass is so much richer than a dedicated heart rate sensor. The real-time physiological feedback can show what calms you down, makes you afraid or stresses you in everyday life. The potential is literally life saving. Read more (Wired)


PODS NOT PLODS FOR ASDA The future of click-and-collect arrives in the shape of UK retailer ASDA’s intelligent pods, which store online food and other merchandise until the customer picks them up. Seems shoppers just ain’t content to plod around the aisles anymore like mother did. But why not just run dark stores that customers can collect from? Read more (Internet Retailing)


91-300x168FROM TWITTER TO BIRDSONG Merging two business accounts on Twitter or migrating the followers? Try UK-based for a cheap and cheerful method of exporting your Twitter followers. Copes with large sizes and exports to .csv for use in Excel and other spreadsheets. Read more (BirdSong)


ORDER COFFEE, PRINT YOUR SHOES It’s 20 years since Cyberia, the world’s first cybercafé, opened in London. It’s only fitting then that London now gets Makerscafe, a hybrid space of cafe and 3D printing and laser-cutting machines, with helpful hosts and tech support, where you can have a go at making your first ‘materialisations’ of shoes or jewellery without having to buy your own kit. Read more (3D Printing Industry)