Periscope Vs. Meerkat – The showdown

Live streaming video apps aren’t new – there was already Livestream and Ustream – so why are Periscope and Meerkat getting so much hype? Well, it’s taken a while for this new form of personal broadcasting to be adopted – like a new trend catching on. Social narcissists are getting bored and want something new. But more than that – journalists, celebrities, and brands alike have realised the huge marketing potential for a generation of consumers that’s always ‘ON’. In any case, we definitely don’t need two live streaming apps, so let’s break them down for you….

Periscope Vs. Meerkat Infographic

Meerkat is a lot more visually cluttered than Periscope, however the comments popping up on your screen can be more engaging. Meerkat is actually more integrated into Twitter than Twitter-owned Periscope, but this has a massive disadvantage in spamming your Twitter feed by tweeting every ‘like’ or comment that happens during your stream. The app also gives you a score (similar to Snapchat) – but is this even necessary? We think not.

Periscope, on the other hand, hides features like comments and viewer count at the bottom of the screen. This would be fine except for the fact that comments disappear after only a few seconds. Viewers can also ‘heart’ (‘like’) your stream, which gives the broadcaster instant feedback. Even better – with Periscope you actually get a profile, unlike Meerkat, which is an essential for the social web!


What Else?

  • The internet can be a weird place – just 48 hours after Periscope launched people were already live streaming the contents of their fridge with #fridgeview and #showusyourfridge. Pseudo-MTV Cribs, no?
  • It seems like the general population isn’t entirely sure what to do during a live stream – try to generate exciting content and not the kind of stuff we’re seeing in the exploratory days of this app, like some guy streaming a pineapple on his kitchen counter.

Our Verdict?

Twitter owns Periscope, and therefore holds the upper hand – they’ve already started putting limits on Meerkat’s access to things like Twitter followers. In terms of functionality, Meerkat is more like Snapchat at the moment. If Periscope can sort out its minor issues then we’re willing to place bets that Periscope’s going to win this war!