A new way of food shopping is sweeping the nation!

Say hello to the latest food shopping magic! This week we explore the newest trends that promise to turn you from a kitchen mess, into a 5* chef

Say hello to fresh (and sustainable): People are travelling more and demand is increasing for exotic, but simple meals. Meal kits are the new answer to that, with Hello Fresh low-cost two-person recipes offer having just been launched at Sainsbury’s. It contains a complete set of ingredients, just enough for one meal so you don’t need to buy this massive bottle of Caribbean Hot Sauce just to knock up one quick Jamaican pot! It’s also more sustainable, as the amounts needed are precise and the leftover ingredients don’t take up space in your cupboard for the next decade without being used. Hello Fresh is the main partner – an online exotic meals retailer with links to waste charities and a leading educator on food waste. Try it out.

We can all be chefs on demand: After experimenting with exotic meal kits as subscriptions service, online retailers are now dipping their toes into delivery to your door on a flexible schedule. To cater for the extra customers who don’t plan their meals (over 50% of us are ‘impulse’ chefs) Soochef has introduced a non-subscription service. Customers can pick and choose on demand from a selection that’s updated every six weeks. Variety is the spice of life!

Munching with Gousto: Deep specialisation is the key to the meals kit market – our favourite so far is Gousto, the online retailer that provides vegetarian, low-calorie or family-friendly meal box sets. Slightly more expensive than other apps, Gousto leads the premium price offering as it has a famous chef planning the meals and provides detailed info on the number of calories in each meal kit; it also tells you about all the allergens that may be in the meal box. Soon Gousto will start suggesting which meal you should be picking based on personalisation from data from your previous choices and state of health. Gousto is a real find for anyone with kids with allergies, so do check it out.

What’s your protein? What you can measure you can manage, so Alpro.com provides a calculator of how many proteins are needed for each member of the family or your friends, if you shop as a group.

You can then select the sources of the protein, from strain yogurt to soya-based plant options that are taking an increasing chunk of the dairy market. Food tech has gotten smarter, now we just need to act on it! Check your protein needs here.

Stay fit with the smart bra: For those who want body data for diet plans but don’t like the hassle of Fitbit, a smart bra or pants are the best answer. You can wear your underwear as normal, and it will take all the measurements that are needed for calibrating your exercise plan, calorie requirements and dietary needs. OmSignal knows women are busy and need a convenient way to harvest body data, so embedding sensors in the bra offer gives new convenience. Count us in!