Tommy Hilfiger Loyalty App Trial

Tommy knew it could be a challenge to get customers in the middle of a shopping mission to stop and sign up to their new loyalty app, that’s why they brought in the experts 😉

We helped trial My Tommy in three Amsterdam stores between August and October 2017 with the objective of getting native Dutch customers to sign up and download a new app based loyalty programme.

We recruited, briefed, engaged and managed a brand appropriate promotional team to promote the app. The casting of the My Tommy team was key, as was the scripting in order to communicate to the customer in a way that was ‘on brand’ and encouraged downloads and registrations.

Having a flexible team and quality feedback process was also key as our results would be used to develop a programme for rolling out across Europe.

Why not use the store staff we hear you ask? Well, by using a dedicated external team we could test and trial, set the standard and figure out if extra hours and training were needed for when the accountability is given back to the stores.

Our learnings also enabled changes to the app and in-store POS systems to make the overall sign-up process more customer friendly and quicker! Our teams of customer facing experts then used their knowledge to quickly on-board the existing store teams to approach customers in the best way.

Key lessons learned were used as the basis for wider staff engagement across Europe via an engaging training toolkit which would enable staff to confidently promote the app and its many benefits to customers.

Oh yeah – and customer sign ups increased by over 100% with our specialist teams in place!

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