Whether it’s about finding a perfectly sized purse during a late night e-shopping session, bagging £100k for your RetailTech start-up or getting your 5-a-day delivered to your door, this week’s [retail bytes] will show you that there are no boundaries to what technology can help you achieve.

 A dog’s best friend: New gift idea for your connected furry friends – Whistle, a start-up that created the first ‘fitbit for dogs’, which attaches to the collar, has just been bought by Mars Petcare, and will be re-launching shortly with an extended product range. You can collect data, check if your pup has had enough exercise for the day and getting enough sleep – and all this information can be shared with the vet if your dog is having treatment. Handy.

The start-up accelerator: £100k up for grabs at John Lewis JLAB Accelerator. Hurry up if your start-up is in RetailTech or FashTech, as the department store is offering a substantial leg-up to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Tech to simplify customers’ lives, wellness and tech for kids are among the areas open to the start-ups wanting to fight it out for the 5 top spots. The Retail Practice is offering 5 free mentoring sessions to help shaping out your pitch – just email for the available slots!

Who said size doesn’t matter? Buying a bag online can be a hit-and-miss as the size on the image can often look massive (or tiny) in comparison to reality. Many a customer has complained that the bag ‘has shrunk’ on the way from the warehouse to their home. At last Tangiblee has solved this niggle for consumers by offering Compare technology, which shows the product in the correct proportion as compared to the woman’s body. 17.1% of customers used it in trials, and 7.2% actually bought the product, which is a pretty good score in anybody’s e-com books. It may also be handy for other items where size does matter…

QR code strikes again: Josh Whitehouse and model Amber Anderson are the hot stars of this special men’s fragrance campaign video. You can watch by tapping on a QR-like SnapCode on selected Burberry products when in-store or by using the Snapchat app on your mobile. QR is not like wine – it is not getting better with age, hence there isn’t much of a chance that Snapchat will rescue it. However, we’ll admit that the video is fab, and the extra content on grooming tips that you get with the obligatory ‘behind the scenes’ footage is worth a peek.

Room service goes high-tech: Need nail varnish but too engrossed in Breaking Bad on Netflix? Amazon Prime Now is already delivering essentials to users of its mobile app in less than an hour, but it’s now upping the ante with a new roll-out for desktop users. Sadly, you’ll need about 20 bottles of nail varnish to meet the minimum order (in the UK it’s a hefty £20). Alas, there is a price to pay for hyper-convenience and all Digital Sloths will eventually need to get out of bed just to earn enough money to pay for their Amazon ‘room service’!

Don’t forget to check out Selfridges newly launched Body Studio  – a temple for those who worship the body, lingerie and yoga. All in one place,  plus a brilliant example of forward fashion thinking. Definitely worth taking a look!