Is physical back in fashion? [retail bytes] takes a look at the latest in-store innovations to entice customers and keep them coming.

The art of football: The sharp decrease in footfall in London during the Christmas season (and the increase in online shopping) is driving a revival in in-store theatre design. What better reason could there be to visit the Pro:Direct Soccer super-shop off Carnaby Street than to watch Instagram artist @fromvirginiaben creating a unique, hand-painted pair of Concrete Football Volts? If that’s too low tech for you then check out the new addition of a full-size digital mannequin in 4K trying out new outfits. Sharp.

If you can’t beat them, join them …is the motto of Karl Lagerfeld. Social media addicts can visit the Regent Street store, try on clothes and snap a photo with the integrated iPad in the mirror. No need to buy, the photo goes straight to Instagram. To top that @KarlLagerfeld will kindly retweet your witty poem penned in the digital guestbook. So pop in and place an order for the delicious Karl Robot bags that are coming up soon. Très mignon!

Stop wasting our time: What stores really need is a mirror that shows the shopper different colours of garments without having to try it on again, wasting valuable time for something that a bit of modern magic can deliver. The MemoMi Mirror video shows how a basic mirror can be transformed into a magic tool that can show you what colours really work for you. The MemoMi Mirror is fully connected to the Internet and any images can be magically transferred to Facebook. Neiman Marcus is trialling and asking if privacy is a concern. Inspirational.

If the shoe fits: Shoe fitting is a tedious and error-prone process. Sports brand New Balance (motto “Always in Beta”) is trialling a foot-scanner to assess customers’ insole requirements, optimised for weight and foot size. If that’s not enough luxury, an interactive screen to design and select each shoe panel is available too. Runners rejoice!

Life is sweet: Choco-phonica is a chocolate-inspired soundscape set up at the British Museum of Food to celebrate our relationship with this seductive product. The brainchild of Bompas & Parr, this pop-up is a real inspiration in how to entertain visitors in a physical space. Full of delightful surprises, it’s a unique play on the senses and an invitation to tell your own chocolate stories. It also makes the museum rooms a treasure that one can wander around in forever. It’s not rocket science people: in-store magic is at the end of your fingertips!

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