Is VR Coming Of Age?

Is it time for virtual reality to become mainstream? Eva Pascoe takes a look at the good, the bad and the ugly in VR headsets.

Retail is detail Following Dior’s foray into virtual try-before-you-buy, Tommy Hilfiger is now inviting visitors to put VR headsets on. WeMakeVR is in charge of developing content to show visitors the brand’s catwalk in virtual space with a 360-degree view. The Samsung Gear VR headset is clunky compared to the beautiful, handcrafted Dior headpiece, and the catwalk shown is fun but not quite in the same league as Dior’s behind-the-stage-with-supermodels show. The look, feel and weight of the headset will make a big difference to customers, particularly women, so it’s not just about the Falcon 3D camera shots. Retail is detail, people!

Dr. Death What is Oculus good for if not spooky hospital visits at Halloween? Follow Doctor Death as he explores the mystery of the unknown, just missing a zombie dressed in a Tommy Hilfiger jacket jumping out of the dark corner. Ace. Watch the video here and make sure you’re not alone…

School of horror Nearly as spooky is the abomination that is Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s new opening – the School of Rock musical in New York. It uses Oculus Rift to invite fans to catch a glimpse of the world on set. Watch the 360-degree movie to decide for yourself just how bad it is…

Let’s get lost A glimpse of the direction Oculus should really go in can be gained from the beautiful Lost, by Pixar director Saschka Unseld. The four-minute story about a moonlit forest inhabited by a mysterious creature is beautiful and strangely enchanting. It also uses custom control to create a bespoke fantasy experience for each viewer, creating a very unique story for every person watching. Way to go!

From print, to digital, to virtual If retail can’t figure out what exactly Oculus is for, newspapers are stepping in to fill the content gap. From virtual reality horrors to real life ones, the New York Times is offering a new way of showing the news, and will distribute 1 million Google cardboard VR glasses on the 7th of November. The content will start with a documentary, ‘The Displaced’, which tells us a story of what it’s like to be a child refugee in three different parts of the world. Promising, and worth wearing the cardboard box for.

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