This week [retail bytes] explores how car manufacturers are using the latest technologies to diversify their product ranges, the death of bedroom romance, why Google has joined Apple, and a cute sci-fi inspired library.

Match your outfit to your car Launching a new car isn’t the only thing Audi’s done – their A4 model now has a dress to go with it. The 3D-printed dress lights up in programmable patterns, customised just for you. Anouk Wipprecht designed it, aiming to highlight the design of the A4’s virtual cockpit, where the display can be customised to suit the driver. Now it’s not just diamonds, but also dresses that are forever, as Anouk is using material that may last longer than the actual car…

Hover back to the future Not to be out-designed by Audi, Lexus has been working on a Back-To-The-Future-inspired hover board which uses magnetic levitation to achieve the effect – if successful, will this change our daily commute to the point where we won’t need their cars?

Romance is dead Too busy with your gadgets? Is this leaving no time for romance? You bet! A Durex study has found that people spend more time on the phone than with their partner, resulting in 20% less sex than in 2000. As the enemy of sex is the enemy of Durex, the company is out to raise the alarm that our digital addictions may be seriously affecting our romantic lives. One consolation for retailers is that the time spent on devices leads to an increased amount of spend in online stores…

Google jumps on the Apple train Are smartwatches just a fad? Unlikely, as Google is now offering iOS support for the newest Android watches. The Android Wear mobile app has popped up in Apple’s App Store. Google has also allowed an always-on face, so there’s no need for all this wrist moving to wake up your watch (as you have to on Apple Watch), so there. And by the way, Google has a new logo too.

Beep beep boop beep Too busy to shop for books? We’re loving the miniature sci-fi libraries that are popping up. The lucky residents of Odessa, Texas can pick one up from a new Star Wars themed R2D2-shaped little library on their way from work. Yes, we can get the book from Amazon, but however good their recommendations are it’s always better to share books with people you know in real life. Nice idea and one to take beyond Texas.

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